i1100WN Series
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Easy to Setup & Share
Intelligent Design
Intuitive User Interfaces
Adaptable Software & Services
Secure Integrations
Scan to Anywhere
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Easy To Share

The i1100WN Series are portable, compact, and less expensive to set up and maintain.
They are ideal for collaborative workgroups and can easily be moved to where the action is.
With scan speeds of up to 40 ppm at 200 dpi and 300 dpi or 80 ipm duplex, they are ideal
for shared workgroups.

Simple Network Setup

Intelligent Design

A very small footprint measuring 9.7” high x 13” wide x 6.3” deep (246mm x 330mm x 162mm), the i1100WN Series takes up minimal desk space and stays out of the way when not being used. And when working at your desk or with customers, the scanners make minimal noise so not to disturb others around you or the customer you are focusing on.

Reliable Operation

Quiet and intelligently designed, this series of scanners can be trusted to reliably capture your important documents. They offer multiple layers of built-in document protection.

Intuitive User Interfaces

The control panel is easy to read, with custom activity names and color icons that make scanning tasks quick and easy to select. The i1100WN Series panel also indicates whose scanning job is in progress so you can be sure to scan the right documents to the right device.

Smart Touch Technology

With our Smart Touch technology you can perform up to nine different scanning tasks with the push of a button — including creating PDFs, attaching documents to e-mails. Or you can organize and share documents in your favorite Cloud applications such as Box, Evernote, Google Drive, or SharePoint.

Adaptable Software

The i1100WN Series are bundled with Capture Pro Software Limited Edition, which makes it
easy to edit, enhance, and manage all kinds of documents. Upgrade to the full version
of Capture Pro or Info Input Express Software and Info Input Solutions to add intelligent
capabilities that increase productivity and improve your experience:

Expert Services

Get the best possible performance from your scanners and software with a full range of
service and support options to protect your investment and keep productivity at peak levels.

Alaris IN2 Ecosystem

The i1100WN Series is a part of the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem, that delivers the best information
capture solution for your business with industry-leading scanners, software, and services
delivered by a network of trusted partners.

Secure Connections

The i1100WN Series complies with industry security standards for networks such as
WEP/WPA. Additionally, if integrated with our Custom Web API you can connect even more
securely over HTTPS.

Custom Integrations

This series of scanners integrate easily with existing business applications using standard
drivers. Or you can use the Web API to integrate your business app or application to the
scanner directly. Our Web API easily integrates with Web HTTP applications without
any host drivers, and supports HTTP & HTTPS (private key).

Scan To Anywhere

Use the ScanMate+ app to find an i1100WN series scanner close by, then just load your document in the scanner and press scan. The scanned image will then appear on your device. You can share it via email, upload to an app or keep it on your device. The app is free and available from the iTunes App Store or Google Play store.

Info Input Express Mobile Solution

The optional Info Input Express Mobile App allows you to select your workflow on your smart device and capture the information by taking a picture. Then you can index at point of capture (or choose to do this later) and then send the information to the correct workflow. It offers powerful image adjustment tools to improve image quality by correcting skewed scans, adjusting contrast and more.