Alaris S2060w/S2080w Scanners
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Built in Processing
Intelligently Designed
Intuitive User Interfaces
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Adaptable Software
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Built in Processing

The Alaris S2060w/S2080w Scanners are built to capture information with superior image quality, accuracy, and powerful processing. With scan speeds up to 80 ppm duplex, these scanners are ideal for shared workgroups.

• Perfect Page Technology optimizes image quality dynamically for every page for more accurate information extraction.

• Ideal for cloud and terminal-based solutions because embedded image processing doesn’t require connection to a high-powered PC.

Intelligently Designed

S2060w/S2080w Scanners take up minimal desk space and stay out of the way when not being used. And when working at your desk or with customers, the scanners make minimal noise so not to disturb others around you or the customer you are focusing on.

• With up to 7,000 pages per day duty cycle, they offer barcode reading and long document scanning up to 3m

• The 80 sheet (20 lb. / 80 g/m2) feeder handles small documents such as ID cards, embossed hard cards, business cards, and insurance cards

• Folio mode allows you to scan A3 size documents

• The optional Alaris Passport Flatbed Accessory ‘docks' on the S2000 Series Scanner to scan passports or other small, fragile documents.

Intuitive User Interfaces

S2060w/S2080w Scanners have intuitive 3.5” color touchscreen displays that make scanning tasks quick and easy for any user.

• The Bundled Smart Touch Software provides easy-to-use buttons for fast set-up.

• Scroll through up to 20 job setups and make a selection based on the description or job type.

• Informative messages help avoid or resolve errors, and show who is scanning

Reliable Operation

S2060w/S2080w Scanners can be trusted to reliably capture your important documents. Active Feed Technology aligns leading edge of paper to avoid misfeeds and multi-feeds, and Controlled Output Stacking places paper neatly in the output tray, so you spend less time arranging documents for scanning or dealing with messy output stacks.

They offer multiple layers of built-in document protection.

• Intelligent document protection "listens" for a telltale crumpling sound and immediately stops the scanning process.

• Multi-feed with ultrasonic technology is designed to detect when two or more documents are being fed into the scanner.

Easy to Use

Bundled Capture Pro LE software offers easy and automatic data extraction with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and makes it easy to get the right information to the right place.

• Organize your documents in your favorite cloud applications by scanning to common repositories such as Dropbox, Evernote or SharePoint

• Personalized buttons allow you to login and see only your repositories, and will push scans from the scanner to the desired location

Easy to Share

S2060w/S2080w Scanners are great for collaborative, open plan offices and small work groups with up to 10 people using the scanner in network mode.

• Connects to Enterprise Wireless Infrastructure

• Creates its own Wireless Access Point Ad Hoc network

• Connects via Ethernet or USB and change to wireless as business requirements evolve

Adaptable Software

S2060w/ S2080w Scanners are bundled with Alaris Smart Touch Software, which makes it easy to edit, enhance, and manage all kinds of documents. Upgrade to Alaris Capture Pro or Alaris Info Input Solutions to add intelligent capabilities that increase productivity and improve your experience.

Expert Services

Get the best possible performance from your scanners and software with a full range of service and support options to protect your investment and keep productivity at peak levels.

Alaris IN2 Ecosystem

S2060w/ S2080w Scanners are a part of the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem, that delivers the best information capture solution for your business with industry-leading scanners, software, and services delivered by a network of trusted partners.