Vendor Vignette Kodak Alaris - INfuse Solution

فبراير 11, 2020 By Alan Pelz-Sharpe – Founder, Deep Analysis

At Deep Analysis, we don't typically research document capture products. However, we made an exception for Kodak Alaris as INfuse has the potential to positively impact the broader document management and business application market.

In principle, all the individual elements of the INfuse platform are available elsewhere. Still, by bringing them together into one platform service, the potential for a significant shift in the market is evident. Enterprises and smaller businesses alike are adopting robotic process automation (RPA) to automate standard task activities, alongside abandoning traditional document management and business applications in favor of cloud-based SaaS solutions.

In short, there is a major shift to automation and low-touch applications, yet implementing scanning solutions has remained a messy process involving skilled personnel to install local software and provide training and maintenance. INfuse automates this work or simplifies it to the point where the work can be undertaken remotely. That's potentially game changing. Read the report.


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