High Quality Capture Needed For Healthcare

While going digital, one Indian healthcare company found that quality counts for information capture

The Client

A Reputed Medical Healthcare Company, Gurgaon, India

The Challenge

This Reputed Medical Healthcare Company, is a multi-super specialty institute located in Gurgaon. The multispecialty institute, established in 2009, has been servicing patients for the last six years. It houses 2500 employees and has a capacity of 1250 beds with over 350 critical care beds, 45 operation theaters catering to over 20 specialties making it a truly world-class healthcare provider.

This healthcare company being a startup, was pitched against seasoned players in the medical field. The organization wanted quality and low TAT (turnaround time) to be their USP. However, to maintain the records for its employees and patients, company followed a traditional route and its reliance on paper was quite significant. The process not only delayed the exit process of employees but any requests coming from patients for additional or duplicate copy of diagnostic reports were declined. The complex nature of documentation for both HR and medical department was posing a significant challenge. More often than not, the errors were caused by documentation gaps.

The company shifted its focus to digitizing the processes, however the solutions they used, gave them poor quality of imaging and high maintenance cost. This turned out to be a time consuming affair as opposed to being time effective. The ineffective information management system also caused a severe drop in productivity thereby, decreasing customer satisfaction. Therefore introducing a consistent document management and capture solution was the need of the hour. Making use of such solutions and products was imperative to keep up with the increasing volume of employee and customer data.

The Solution

With limited time on hand, good research and a strong recommendation, this company upgraded its information management system to Kodak i2400 Scanners. By using Kodak i2400 Scanners, it was able to scan photographs on the forms and get quality images. Adopting to the new solutions enabled the company to reduce on operation costs by a huge margin as Kodak i2400 Scanners were low maintenance and technologically superior. In addition, through Kodak Alaris’ sophisticated solutions the company was able to efficiently automate their processes along with providing seamless service at a competitive rate and speed. Timelines for approval process became shorter and response time to queries became quicker.

The Results

After adopting Kodak Alaris’ state-of-the-art document management and document capture solutions, company was able to achieve:

  • Information at a click of a button and reliance on paper based documents reduced significantly.
  • Higher levels of productivity due to reduced time in extracting information and acting on it accordingly.
  • Absolute customer delight which could not be quantified.

2620 angle black.jpg

i2420 Scanner

  • Up to 40 ppm color/ bw
  • Stow-or-go design for storing
  • Scan instantly with always-ready LED light


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