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Kodak Alaris IN2 Ecosystem

Kreditorenbuchhaltung | Infografik
Dank automatischer Weitergabe und Genehmigung gewinnt die Kreditorenbuchhaltung mit dem Alaris IN2 Ecosystem an Dynamik.

Automating Accounts Payable

Healthworld document management

Accounts Payable | Case Study
Healthworld, a leading supplier of Natural Medicines, began looking in 2015 for a solution to scan documents and integrate with SharePoint.

Point-of-Entry Document Capture

Huws Gray document capture at the point of entry

Accounts Payable | Case Study
Building materials merchant Huws Gray used Capture Pro and the i2000 document scanner series to optimize efficiency and make its customers more satisfied.

Kreditorenbuchhaltung optimieren

Accounts Payable | Article
The complications that slow down efficiency for Accounts Payable are often caused by a reliance on legacy systems and paper-based processes. Uncover 5 steps to improved efficiency in your workflows.