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Customer onboarding banking and loan origination Kodak Alaris

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Das Alaris IN2 Ecosystem vereinfacht die Kundenaufnahme, sorgt für zufriedene Kunden, senkt die Kosten und verringert die Time-to-Revenue.

Digitale Transformation im kommerziellen Bankgeschäft

Better Customer Onboarding with Kodak Alaris, CEB Tower Group

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Finanzdienstleister müssen die digitale Transformation weiter vorantreiben, um sich einen Wettbewerbsvorteil zu verschaffen. Tipps für die digitale Transformation im kommerziellen Bankgeschäft.

4 Hacks für eine schnellere Kundenanlage

Customer Onboarding | Article
Customer onboarding is a critical first stage in customer experience. Quick tips for a lasting first impression.

Better results for financial services

Customer Onboarding | Article
The latest and greatest financial services technology can harness the credit card sign-up process. Here’s where to start.

Reduce Churn and improve profit

Customer onboarding is crucial. Discover how distributed and web-based document capture enable you to improve it in a highly efficient and customer-friendly way across customer transaction processes.

Smarter onboarding, in less time

Smarter customer onboarding in less time with Kodak Alaris

Customer Onboarding | Article
Sophisticated document capture software can both speed up the customer acquisition process on site and eliminate the need to ship documents to a central scanning and storage location. Find out how to take your onboarding process from 0 to 60.