Scanner Management Solutions from Kodak Alaris

Maximize the productivity of your document scanners


Proactively address productivity impacting situations, increased knowledge of your environment, or roll document scanners into existing MPS solutions. With device management solutions from Kodak Alaris you can monitor and maintain scanners from Kodak Alaris all from a single central interface using the Scanner Manager tool. Or, make them visible from your existing Device Management solution with our MPS Capture Agent.

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Find scanners in your environment

Scanner Finder software finds all USB connected document scanners on your network.

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Manage your scanners from Kodak Alaris

Monitor all of your document scanners with the Scanner Manager tool.


Add your scanners to a MPS solution

Make your scanners from Kodak Alaris visible from your existing MPS asset monitoring solution with the MPS Capture Agent.

Scanner Manager

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Cloud-based device management dashboard with data reporting to help optimize usage and manage lifecycle of document scanners. This tool gives you the ability to show a connected fleet of scanners:

  • Easy set-up tool installed by customer, Kodak Alaris or one of our partners for each PC attached to a scanner to collect data
  • Easy to interpret cloud dashboard, log files or email reports
  • Maintenance and Consumables Tracking

Scanner Finder

scanner finder interface

Every hardware device in a customers environment needs to be accounted for, even USB connected document scanners. Discovering these devices is critical. This tool enables automatic discovery of Kodak Alaris and OEM USB scanners on your network as the initial step towards assessment and optimization.

MPS Capture Agent

Login ScreenAdding Value for MPS Developers, Dealers, & Customers, the MPS Capture Agent integrates with MPS developer solutions. This ensures visibility of scanners from Kodak Alaris across MPS monitoring tools.

  • MPS Capture Agent is loaded on client PC
  • Provides data for maintenance and consumables tracking, alerts
  • Scanners are backed by Services from Kodak Alaris



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