Optimize Together - Smarter Capture Software for Better Results

When BPOs want to move from rather manual-based to a semi-automated capture processes or optimize their existing semi-automated environment, selecting the right capture software is of the utmost importance. It’s an often-overlooked area where additional efficiencies can be realized. Here is why and how.

In the overview of our continuous improvement model you can discover the relative cost of each stage in the overall capture process.

Optimizing each of these stages is central in our approach to increase productivity and save time and resources which enable you to move higher in the BPO value chain.

Traditional capture software is designed for the actual capture stage alone. By investing in the right capture software, you can realize additional benefits in the pre-scan and post-scan stages as well!

This is where our ‘Optimize Together’ approach comes in. Kodak Alaris isn’t just a provider of award-winning scanners and services but also offers the software you need to maximize returns and minimize expensive and laborious tasks.

How does it work?

  • Scanners from Kodak Alaris are equipped with intelligent features such as Intelligent Job Select, Intelligent Sorting and Intelligent Exception Handling (depending on the type of scanner).
  • The features can help you reduce document preparation, decrease storage costs and speed up the capture process.
  • Kodak Capture Pro software is designed to seamlessly integrate with this additional layer of intelligence with enhancements in document preparation and post-scan processes as a result.

Software from Kodak Alaris is simply better because it talks together which is a tremendous benefit. So why invest in other capture software that only enables gains in one stage of the capture process and why attach another vendors' software to an Kodak Alaris Scanner when you can get a solution that is designed and built to work together in harmony?

Sometimes one and one really equals three – or perhaps even more. Invest smart with Kodak Capture Pro. Do the test with our mailroom calculator or let us show you the productivity gains and savings you can achieve with OptimizeTogether by reducing manual labor.

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