Document Capture Solution from NeoLotex and Kodak Alaris enables global investment firm to transform HR function


Kodak Alaris partner NeoLotex Business Solutions, is a technology enabled services company, providing a wide range of solutions designed to accelerate digital transformation. Headquartered in Bengaluru, India, NeoLotex serves clients within the financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and corporate sectors globally. Through its proven 'Innovate and Own' methodology, and consultative-led approach, NeoLotex ensures its innovative technologies, analytics and industry specialists, improve clients' productivity, control and compliance, and deliver a strong return on investment.


With over 12,000 employees worldwide, the ability to digitize, store and enable secure access to HR records was business-critical for one of the of the world's biggest investment companies. With its legacy system errorprone, time intensive and costly to maintain, the company turned to NeoLotex to recommend an alternative solution.

The firm was looking for a solution that would ensure all documents relating to individual employees, from their CVs, to offer letters, to contracts and everything in between, were scanned at the point of receipt and electronically stored so that they could be seamlessly accessed from any location in the world.

The company had a number of challenges that the new solution design would have to address – in particular ensuring that no records were missing and that mandatory fields in key documents were completed in every instance. For example, customer-facing employees with access to clients' personal information are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement– recent audits had flagged instances where signatures were missing on some forms and the company needed to be able to check to ensure all of the information was present at the point of capture. There were also issues around searching for and retrieving particular documents, such as passports. In most instances the only workaround was to pull the entire file and manually search for the right document – with some records comprising up to 100 pages this was both time-intensive and placed undue pressure on the branches' bandwidth usage. The company was also looking for a way to streamline workflows and reduce the manual steps required to ensure processes and follow-up actions – such as employees submitting additional information after joining the firm, were completed on time. Additionally ease of use and the ability to seamlessly customise workflows to accommodate changing business needs without having to rely on the provider, were key criteria.


NeoLotex recommended the KODAK ScanMate i1150 Scanner, setting up five scanning stations to capture all documents "at the edge" as they enter the organization. Once captured, the documents are uploaded to NeoLotex's propriety web-based doQman platform which features a built in document management system (DMS).

doQman is a zero code DMS platform with workflow engine. NeoLotex and Kodak Alaris collaborated on the technical side ensuring that the scanners integrate well with the DMS.

Scanners from Kodak Alaris deliver superior image quality and the scanned images are compressed making it quick and easy to transfer files even when faced with latency and bandwidth issues. The doQman platform is feature-rich. It incorporates configurable workflows, designed to accommodate the clients' requirements for efficient document handling and collaboration, automates tasks such as categorizing documents, reducing manual steps and human error and ensures that information is available and actionable immediately.


The scanners from Kodak Alaris and the doQman platform have enabled the global investment company to achieve its goal to establish a paperless HR function.

Built with user-centricity and ease of use in mind, the solution is easy to manage and maintain in-house. The firm is now able to easily create and modify processes and configure workflows to their specific requirements, removing the time and cost constraints of relying on a third party provider

With a slick process to digitize, automatically categorize and upload documents to the DMS in place, information is now immediately available. Previously on occasions where a single piece of information was required such as a passport scan for a visa application, the client had to wait for the physical file to be sent or download an entire employee record and manually search for the information required all of which took time.

Perfect Page technology form Kodak Alaris provides state-of the art capabilities for image enhancement, even for very challenging documents, creating images that are optimized for OCR, which perfectly complements doQman OCR capabilities that convert paper documents into fully searchable formats. Features such as auto tagging base patch codes that ensures information is classified into multiple categories makes searching for and retrieving information faster and easier. The scanners' ability to create highly compressed images and to extract the information that is required by doQman, has also improved access to information in branches where bandwidth is restricted.

The solution also enables the client to identify instances where mandatory information such as a signature is missing, creating an exceptions queue and generating an alert if there is a problem. This has eliminated issues around non-compliance which has served to ensure regulatory IT audits are more effective.

The company will also benefit from a strong return on investment, largely driven by significant savings on maintenance, support and enhancement-doQman does not require additional specialist support with user management, database maintenance, process and module configuration, easily managed by a small team inhouse.

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