INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Expansion Modules

PrintIT Reseller Editor's Choice Award INfuse Expansion Modules

INfuse Expansion Modules from Kodak Alaris win Editor's Choice Award from a leading IT publication in the UK.

Flexible expansion though hardware and software modules

As an extension of the INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution, Kodak Alaris offers our partners a way to expand their core INfuse solution with optional fee-based expansion modules.

INfuse Expansion modules

INfuse Expansion modules are software add-ons that are licensed and downloaded into the scanner to provided optional functionality. Kodak Alaris is committed to expanding our Expansion Modules as customers’ needs and technology changes.

INfuse Authenticator Modules

LDAP Authentication Module

Customer Authentication Module


  • Management efficiency - A single authentication authority eliminates the need to maintain redundant authentication systems.
  • Security improvement - User authenticates into customer’s authentication authority prior to accessing device to ensure access control and document chain of custody control
  • Improved flexibility - partners can provide a customized solution for their customers by utilizing their authentication system

INfuse Destination Connector Modules

Alibaba OSS Connector Module

Tencent COS Connector Module


  • Data channel efficiency - Direct connection to final destination eliminates routing of content through intermediate destinations which reduces costs, delays, and complexities.
  • Data channel security improvement - content is delivered from scanner directly to final destination minimizes access points.
  • Improved flexibility - partners can provide a more customized solution for their customers

Note: The existing Destination API service will continue to be supported for partners that want to develop their own destination connectors.

Partner Benefits:

  • Like other functionality that is embedded in the scanner, these modules will be developed by Kodak Alaris based on demand and size of opportunities.
  • The existing subscription licensing model will also include the expansion modules allowing partners the flexibility to configure the right solution for each of their customers.


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