Kodak Alaris Earns Three 2014 Summer Pick Awards from Buyers Laboratory

KODAK i3450 Scanner, KODAK i4600 Plus Scanner, and KODAK Capture Pro Software 4.5 honored

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ROCHESTER, N.Y., August 7 —Presented twice each year, the Pick Awards from Buyers Lab (BLI) acknowledge the products that gave the best performances in BLI’s extensive suite of laboratory tests in the previous six months. For Summer 2014, Kodak Alaris captured awards for the KODAK i3450 Scanner and KODAK i4600 Plus Scanner in the scanner category and for KODAK Capture Pro Software 4.5 in the document imaging solutions category.

Both the i3450 and the i4600 Plus Scanners are designed to help streamline document management processes in paper intensive industries such as healthcare, law, banking and insurance and a variety of line of business departments including finance, sales, operations and HR. Government agencies are also realizing the benefits, including a state motor vehicle bureau that is using a fleet of these scanners as part of an integrated solution that captures, stores and manages data associated with more than 1.4 million motor vehicles. Retrieving documents for customers used to take at least a week. Now the same task can be performed almost instantly.

The i3450 Scanner (kodakalaris.com/go/i3450news) provides both rotary and flatbed scanning in a space-saving, integrated unit. The low-volume production scanner can easily capture file folders, book pages, magazines, passports and torn documents, and with the unique book-edge scanning feature, it can scan the full width of book pages with complete clarity. According to BLI's estimates, its projected total cost of ownership is about 39 percent lower than average when compared to competitive units on the market. “Any organization looking for a high-speed, flatbed-equipped dedicated scanner would be hard pressed to find a better product than the KODAK i3450 Scanner,” said Lisa Reider, BLI’s Senior Product Editor for scanners. “Its robust media capabilities, intuitive software and easy to use hardware design help seasoned and novice users to process several thousand scans a day with ease.”

The i4600 Plus Scanner (kodakalaris.com/go/i4000news) is ideal for high-speed scanning of mission-critical documents such as invoices, insurance claims and loan applications, enabling information to be centrally stored and easily accessed by individuals and team members. For invoice processing, where fast and accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a must, the i4600 Scanner offers outstanding read rates at 200dpi in black and white. This increases user productivity, minimizing the need to rescan documents and manually key in information that is not captured in the original scan.

The i4600 Plus Scanner has a projected total cost of ownership about 45 percent lower than average, according to BLI. “Kodak Alaris continues the tradition of providing reliable, robust and affordable high-speed scanners to the production market with the i4600 Plus Scanner,” said BLI Senior Scanner Technician Joe Ellerman. “Its versatile media capabilities, easy to use software and hardware, and economical consumable options help to set this one apart from the competition.”

KODAK Capture Pro Software (kodakalaris.com/go/capturepronews) is a versatile batch capture software application that allows users to scan, process, extract, and manage important data from documents. Capture Pro Software is ideal for centralized and distributed scanning applications in many industries, with proven success in tens of thousands of installations. For example, hospitals are using Capture Pro Software to enable the scanning of medical records and reduce data entry times by as much as 50%.

Engineered to work seamlessly with any scanner from Kodak Alaris and most third party scanner models, Capture Pro Software offers a simple, yet comprehensive capture application that maximizes the efficiency of indexing and provides a variety of output connectors to key business applications.

“Once again, Kodak Alaris impressed us with the breadth of functionality and ease of use offered by Capture Pro Software 4.5. A noteworthy enhancement to this version is definitely the Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) , which accurately indexed the checkboxes on every test document BLI evaluated,” said BLI’s Reider. “Plus, the company offers free connectors to more than 40 back-end systems, which adds tremendous value.”

“The industry looks to BLI for objective evaluations of leading document imaging hardware and software solutions, so it’s an honor to be recognized by them for our solutions,” said Tony Barbeau, Products & Solutions General Manager & Vice President, Document Imaging division, Kodak Alaris. “Our customers are constantly looking for better ways to scan documents and automate business processes. We’re happy to deliver some of the most advanced solutions available to meet their needs.”

For the complete product reviews, visit http://www.buyerslab.com/news/viewarticle.asp?article=102477 and http://www.buyerslab.com/Solutions/News/July-2014/BLI-Honors-Impressive-Document-Imaging-Solutions-w.

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