Kodak Alaris Partner Digital Solutions Global Supports National Records & Archives Department of Vietnam’s Digital Transformation

Digital Solutions Global Co., Ltd (DSG), has partnered with Kodak Alaris to provide best-in-class document capture hardware and software solutions to public and private sector organizations in Vietnam for 13 years. The ISO 9001: 2015 value-added distributor also provides professional consulting, deployment, and after-sales support, delivered via a team of experienced programmers and data processing technicians from DIGI-TEXX Vietnam (a unit owning 40% of the capital contribution).

DSG has recently worked with the National Records & Archives Department of Vietnam to boost its document capture capability, providing 150 additional scanners from Kodak Alaris across four locations, and Kodak Capture Pro Software, which enables batches of paper to be quickly converted into high quality images, for use at the department’s facilities in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The challenge
The National Records & Archives Department of Vietnam is responsible for preserving the country’s most important archival and printed texts. All of the archival records generated by central agencies in the past 60 to 100 years, are stored in four major centres across the country – in Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi City, as well as Quang Nam, Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc and Ha Nam Provinces.

In order to ensure the long-term preservation of the nation’s historical records, the National Records & Archives Department needed to invest in new capture technology to increase its scanning effectiveness and capability across all locations. The decision to digitise the records was driven by a desire to mitigate the risk of documents being destroyed or further damaged through human touch, over time, or from the elements.

With many records decades old and fragile, and many more stored in bindings, it was key that the scanners provided would deliver high quality images, offer flatbed scanning functionality, and have the capability to handle different sized documents, including legal size, on a wide range of media.

DSG provided a total of 150 scanners - 50 each of the Kodak i3250 Scanner, Kodak i3400 Scanner and Kodak S2050 Scanner, as well as the Kodak A3 Flatbed Accessory which works across all three models. The new scanners were installed across each of the National Records & Archives Department’s centres.

In addition, the centre in Ha Noi City is also leveraging the powerful batch capture solution Kodak Capture Pro Software to streamline data entry and take complexity out of the set-up process.

The decision to invest further in scanners from Kodak Alaris was an easy one for the National Records & Archives Department to make. The organization has a ten-year history with the brand and has been leveraging the power of Kodak Alaris’ scanning technology over the past decade. One of the biggest advantages for operators was that there was no learning curve. The new models feature the same easy to use, intuitive operation, enabling staff to be up and running in no time.

The Kodak i3250 and Kodak i3400 Scanners are robust, compact, and purpose-built to deliver consistent throughput. Both models feature a book-edge A4 flatbed scanner – built-in, which is designed to seamlessly handle a wide range of exception documents. This feature enables operators to easily scan the entire width of a book page and seamlessly digitize these often-fragile documents. The devices are also equipped with a 250-sheet automatic document feeder which enables users to efficiently scan mixed sized documents in one batch without wasting time continually reloading.

The feature-rich Kodak S2050 Scanners deliver crisp, high-quality images at full speed without depending on a PC, while intelligent features help reduce manual pre- and post-scan tasks. The National Records & Archives Department is also leveraging Kodak Capture Pro Software at its centre in Ha Noi City. This solution offers robust data extraction and seamless delivery to business applications, which is playing a critical role in improving the efficiency of the operation overall.

The A3 Size Flatbed Accessory is delivering additional benefits for the National Records & Archives Department. Compatible with all three models, this innovative accessory which can be attached and detached in seconds, enables oversized documents, as well as books, to be quickly scanned. By using the flatbed accessory, it’s much easier to digitize fragile items in particular.

With many of the original records having degraded over time, superior image quality was a key criteria for the National Records & Archives Department of Vietnam. The scanners from Kodak Alaris deliver unparalleled image quality. One of the advantages highlighted by the Department was the fact that the scanners accurately reproduce the colours in the original documents and the file size is smaller and therefore more manageable in terms of archiving and storage. Additionally, the scanners’ consistency in terms of high image quality means there are significantly less documents that require re-scans and manual operator intervention, which saves both time and money.

By digitizing these important historical records, many of which will only degrade further over time, the National Records & Archives Department of Vietnam is preserving the country’s most important archival and printed texts, enabling them to be available and retrieved as electronic records for future generations.

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