Oldest Imaging Services Provider in the U.S. Delivers Modern Document Management Solutions with Scanners from Kodak Alaris

Award-winning scanners provide reliability and speed required to process more than two million pages per month


In today’s fast-paced digital economy, successful businesses are constantly looking for ways to become more agile and responsive to customer demands. One way to achieve this is by turning to service bureaus and business process outsourcers (BPOs) as a means to offload non-critical tasks, improve efficiency and cut costs. In doing so, organizations can focus more on transformative projects that drive innovation and growth.

Biel's Document Management

Changing with the times

Founded in 1939, Biel’s Document Management delivers innovative document management solutions that enable its clients to scan, store, retrieve, and use information more efficiently, accurately, and securely. Like many imaging service bureaus, Biel’s Document Management used to generate much of its revenue from converting huge archives of paper documents into electronic files – medical records, HR files, accounting and payroll records, etc. This service helped clients transition into digital data storage and management. As disruptive technologies such as mobile and cloud have created demand for new capabilities, today, their focus has shifted more towards business process outsourcing (BPO).

The reliability factor

Biel’s captures more than two million images each month and needed high-volume scanners that could provide the productivity, reliability, and cost effectiveness to meet growing demand.

“Having experienced very reliable service and customer care support using Kodak Alaris’ mid-range scanners, we decided to purchase a high-speed Kodak i1860 Scanner and two i4600 and i4850 Scanners as well. From an efficiency standpoint, we were able to produce more images because of less downtime, and the quality of the images was also consistently better,” said Dennis Kempner, President, Biel’s Document Management.

In addition to speed and reliability, accuracy of the images that Biel’s produces is critically important. “The scanners have Perfect Page technology, which allows us to do less adjusting at the scanner and gives us higher quality images,” says Kempner. “Also, we sometimes have to scan at 300 dpi to accommodate OCR (optical character recognition) extraction of data from the images, and the scanners from Kodak Alaris don’t have to slow down when providing that high resolution.”

Another advantage of the Kodak Alaris solution has been a decrease in labor costs. Faster speeds and greater reliability have resulted in a six percent decrease in direct labor costs which has had a substantial impact on the company’s bottom line.

Overall, Kempner and Biel’s are very happy with their investment in Kodak Alaris scanners to capture more than two million images each month. “If I had to sum up our experience with Kodak Alaris in one word, ‘excellent’ is what I’d say.”

About the Information Management Division of Kodak Alaris

Kodak Alaris is a new company driven by the simple belief that “we can always find a better way.” Our Information Management division helps organizations capture content from digital and paper sources, extract insights, and deliver the right information to the right place at the right time for better business outcomes. Our portfolio includes award-winning document scanners, a global service and support team, and software and solutions that capture and intelligently manage information. For small offices and large-scale organizations, we provide new ways to automate processes, improve customer interactions and make smarter business decisions.

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