Automate Inefficient Processes

Alaris helps BPO get higher on the value chain through increased automation and intelligent capture solutions.

Information capture is changing. Your core business will evolve beyond the capture of documents towards the outsourcing of entire business processes or functions. It’s the best and more profitable road to grow your business, differentiate yourself in terms of customer value and build lasting customer relationships.

To take the headache out of document capture and enable business processes again an additional layer of automation and intelligence is needed that allows you to move from a capture-to-storage scenario to a capture-to-process reality. In addition, you can further remove manual laborious processes and use staff where intelligence is more important for your business and the value you offer.

Your customers are increasingly automating and seeking to inject intelligence into their business processes. The reasons for outsourcing have multiplied but essentially remained the same.

By outsourcing, companies want to focus on their business, regulatory challenges, innovation, transformation and differentiating themselves in a digital world where customer is king and information an asset.

As a BPO you have to mirror these evolving needs and move closer to the business processes. You optimize your scanning operations for business processes and move closer to post-capture workflows and line of business processes.

Kodak Alaris helps you get higher on the BPO value chain through increased automation, intelligent capture solutions, a myriad of connectors, a vast ecosystem for highly specific projects and the capabilities you need to fully get the headache our of capture for your customers.

Experts have said that everything that can be automated will be automated. Yet, the real questions are 1) which processes result in the highest gains when automated and 2) which processes need to be reengineered and revisited before automating them?

As a BPO you cannot just apply this to your own processes where needed but you can also consult your customers on how they can automate their business processes and how you can help them by being a real business process outsourcing partner, allowing them to focus on growth.

We don’t just have the technologies to make you succeed in this stage but you can also take advantage of the ecosystem, know-how and our continuous improvement model.

Just as we enable you to gain a complete view of your business, metrics and options for investment, you can help your clients get what they need: an end-to-end view of their business processes.

  • Leverage the solutions that enable you and your customers to capture data through the process into a backend line of business, for example directly into an ERP system. Reduce preparation and pre-scan work, sorting, actual capture and post-scan tasks in terms of putting the captured data into the business system so it doesn’t need to get passed to another department.
  • Despite new regulations that require clear audit trails and the fact that unlocking the full value of data is a priority for organizations, in practice for most it's still impossible to achieve these goals. By being an end-to-end partner in the outsourced information processes of your clients you can create the most value and guide them in their compliance efforts, right from the start – where capture happens – while being a leading partner in streamlining their information environment.
  • Disconnected systems de facto mean decentralized and suboptimal management. Often this also means manual data entry or working with temporary solutions that don't solve the problem. Through increased automation and additional layers of intelligence, combined with connectors and APIs to build an integrated capture-to-process environment and even an optimized information network you can help customers integrate their systems.
  • A proven strategy to work closer with your customers where the value happens is to work with the software vendors they use. If you want to focus on a niche market there are also less known players with interesting high-value projects. They have ecosystems, your customers are ecosystems and we have ecosystems. That's what Kodak Alaris IN2 Ecosystem is about too: we connect you with the right partners.

Ultimately business process transformation is an essential component of digital transformation whereby information is easy to find, share, integrate, analyze and leverage for any outcome whatsoever. With ever more data sources and technologies such as the Internet of Things, your continuous improvement journey can be aligned with that of your clients.

Regardless of where you want to be in this rich world of opportunities that opens beyond document capture: the Kodak Alaris IN2 Ecosystem is here to help you and our improvement model shows you the choices. Let’s talk.


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