Understand then Optimize Your Existing Capture Process

Kodak Alaris software applications help automate capture processes.

Optimizing your infrastructure and enhancing your capture process helps you increase productivity. However, there are more opportunities to move closer to the business processes of your customers and realize competitive advantages by adding additional services and automation technologies which exist today.

Organizations try to get rid of paper-based processes and want to leverage the right information from several sources. It's an effort that is far from completed and still drives your core business. The explosion of unstructured data and digital inputs creates additional benefits and drives your agenda for the future.

Start with the removal of time-consuming manual tasks in your own environment and the detection of new opportunities to help your customers do the same by automating in a smart way. Begin transforming at the edge where new offerings and capabilities can be developed in your continuous optimization journey. It’s precisely here that our continuous improvement model helps you make the right choices.

Our software applications enable you to automate your capture processes, work more efficiently, take on more challenging tasks, remove expensive manual tasks and enter the organizations you (want to) work with in different ways than before.

Why investing in the right - optimized - capture software matters

Capture software is instrumental for your current and future business. Selecting the right application is essential. Perhaps you have developed your own software but see that it’s hard and expensive to keep up to date. Maybe you have chosen a generic capture application that doesn’t lead to additional efficiencies in leveraging the power in your hardware equipment.

Our capture software is designed to fully leverage the powerful optimization features of our scanners. It’s what we call the Optimize Together approach.

  • Scanner features which reduce preparation work or storage costs and allow for almost continuous, uninterrupted scanning with reduced operator intervention add even more efficiency, intelligence and automation benefits when combined with our capture software.
  • Our capture solutions reduce the decentralized management challenges (e.g. installation, updates, security, user management), which we mentioned previously.

There are far more BPO benefits in selecting the capture software that is designed to streamline and optimize what you do, have and want to offer.

  • Just do the test and check out how investing in our capture software in a smart way can help you reduce costs by removing repetitive tasks in a mailroom scenario with our mailroom calculator.
  • Do you want to know the efficiencies you can realize in other types of services you offer? Get in touch and we'll show you the business metrics of Optimize Together for each possible project, contract or investment.


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