A Paper-Lite Healthcare Ecosystem

Improving healthcare quality and access while controlling costs as populations age, life expectancy increases and public expenditure on healthcare grows are a few of the main challenges for healthcare organisations across the globe.

Medical Records
Administrative files
Admissions documents
Cost efficiency
Data accuracy
Consent forms
Paperless 2020
Paperless at point of care
Data analytics

Paper processes impede best possible patient care

The Paperless Challenge

Getting Ahead of the Paperless Challenge

How to transform processes and drive internal efficiencies to enhance patient care

See how others conquered this challenge

Ensuring a Digital Audit Trail

How document capture can help the NHS be paperless by 2020

See how others conquered this challenge

Streamlining Information Capture

The Government has said the NHS must find more efficient ways of working to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve relationships with patients. Capturing information at the point of care helps achieve that goal.


See how others conquered this challenge

/ Getting Ahead of the Paperless Challenge Your journey to digital transformation

How Kodak Alaris can support you

By leveraging its expertise in providing intelligent solutions to capture, recognise, extract, manage, and securely exchange, medical information, Kodak Alaris clients are getting ahead of the paperless challenge.

The immediate benefits of resolving the paper problem can be clearly seen: a greener environment, greater cost savings and improved patient care. An NHS equipped for the 21st century.

/ Getting Ahead of the Paperless Challenge Oxford University Hospitals' HR Function Achieves Paper-Lite Status

Digital transformation powered by Kodak Alaris scanners

The decision to relocate Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s central HR function to new premises in Cowley, Oxford, made digitising all HR records, a pressing requirement. 

We are confident that the return on investment on this initiative will be very strong.

/ Getting Ahead of the Paperless Challenge Kodak Alaris Scanners drive unprecedented productivity

St. Helens & Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust leads the way to paperless health records

With 90,000 new patients registered every year, the number of records was growing exponentially. The Trust knew that its labor intensive paper process was outdated and needed to be replaced with a more efficient solution. 

Once we had been trained on the Kodak Scanners, they proved to be reliable, fast, hassle free with excellent image quality.

/ Ensuring a Digital Audit Trail Ensuring a digital audit trail is in place from the point of scanning

Opinion Piece: Paperless 2020, how can document capture help the NHS

Every local health authority to be ‘paper-free’ by 2020. 

Every day, care is held up and patients are kept waiting while an army of people transport and store huge quantities of paper round our healthcare system.

/ Ensuring a Digital Audit Trail Barnsley Hospital

Hospital emergency department revitalizes its records process

The hospital has made the transition to a digital workflow to streamline the records management process andhelp the staff maintain a high level of care in a demanding healthcare environment.

Kodak Alaris scanner solution was recommended because of the reputation for reliability, and ability to integrate and work faultlessly with File Stream

/ Streamlining Information Capture North Bristol's Paper-Lite Strategy

Read about how Kodak Alaris is supporting North Bristol NHS Trust with its transformation away from paper.

North Bristol's Paper-Lite strategy involves scanning hundreds of thousands of patient records.

Every day, care is held up and patients are kept waiting while an army of people transport and store huge quantities of paper...This approach is past its sell by date.

/ Streamlining Information Capture Aintree University Hospitals

Providing doctors better access to patient information improves patient care

Clinicians were concerned that finding case notes often took too long, delaying important information needed for patient consultations.  See how Kodak Alaris successfully streamlined the process of making information available.

Kodak Alaris scanners can handle large volumes and are extremely robust.

Kodak Alaris Aintree Case Study

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Kodak Alaris St. Helens Case Study

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