Intelligent automation to propel your business

Make your business more agile and efficient with data capture and intelligent document processing software from Kodak Alaris.

Is manual document processing still holding you back?

Today's digital back office plays a critical role in your business; it's where you process, store, and act on your data. It combines CRM tools, ERP systems, document repositories, and more. However, it's not where data originates.

Data is captured from a river of documents from various sources, flowing into the organization daily. The processes and workflows that ought to be fast and accurate are too often slow, inaccurate, and full of headaches.

With software solutions from Kodak Alaris, you can eliminate the repetitive manual tasks, human error, rework, and other obstacles that are weighing down your business. Turn your information onboarding process into a strategic business advantage with Kodak Alaris.

The Kodak Alaris difference

More than just automation


Simplify business processes across departments: A single application serves all departments within your organization – from capturing distributed content at the front edges of the business all the way through high-volume areas such as mailrooms, service bureaus, and BPOs.

Benefits to your business and bottom line


Optimize performance and profitability with intelligent document processing automation that quickly transforms large volumes of data into business-critical information.


Magnifying Glass

Improve data accuracy and compliance by automatically enforcing the same business rules for all inputs (digital and paper-based) which eliminates human error and inconsistencies.



Save time and eliminate employee headaches by reducing your IT workload and freeing your staff to focus on more high-value work.


Team making notes on whiteboard with post it notes 

Kodak Alaris software unlocks new value across your enterprise

Document and magnifying glass


Our intuitive software captures any document type wherever it enters your organization and automatically makes sure it's complete—much faster than Chris in Accounting!

Automated Extraction


Our scalable software reads your documents—even handwritten docs—automatically transforms the important data into business-critical information—way more accurately than Jamie in Claims Processing!

Target and Arrow


Our flexible software sends verified data to the right place, right where it's needed most—way more consistently than Taylor in HR!

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Which intelligent automation solution is the right fit for you?

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KODAK Info Input Solution

Intelligent document processing automation for everyone, anywhere


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