Canadian Government Expedites Benefit Applications with Cloud-Based Document Capture

INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution from Kodak Alaris helps government agencies more efficiently deliver citizen services

Kodak Alaris helps Expedite Benefit Applications with Cloud-Based Document Capture

ROCHESTER, N.Y., November 3, 2020 – Kodak Alaris and Nimble Information Strategies have entered into an agreement with a Canadian Provincial Government agency to streamline the way applications for citizen services are digitized. The solution all but eliminate user error during the document scanning process. Nimble’s digital mailroom solution, powered by the INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution from Kodak Alaris, has been deployed across 100 locations in the first phase of the rollout, which includes 150 scanners and software licenses from Kodak Alaris.

The government agency operates multiple divisions and remote office locations. The previous workflow of manually reviewing, transporting, and processing applications resulted in high costs for the agency, long wait times for citizens, and the risk of user error by scanner operators. With the integration of Nimble’s cloud-based solution, operators receive real-time acknowledgment if an application meets processing requirements right at the point of scanning, while the customer is onsite. Eliminating the need to chase missing information or correct mistakes downstream, workers can process applications quicker and citizens receive faster, more responsive service.

The agency expects to save significant time and money with the new solution. It can be deployed remotely with minimal IT involvement and requires no user training or additional hardware to operate. In addition, Nimble’s subscription-based service offers an affordable and scalable solution that can be aligned with the agency’s need to support future growth and expansion across additional departments.

“When Kodak Alaris introduced Nimble to the INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution, we immediately recognized its significant potential for integration with our digital mailroom solution offering,” said Shawn Morrison, Nimble’s Chief Technology Officer. “INfuse Smart Connected Scanning allows Nimble to easily extend its solution offerings right to the client’s desktop, adding scalable and customizable options for our digitizing and secure hosting clients.”

“Now more than ever, government agencies are looking for ways to increase efficiencies and reduce costs,” said Don Lofstrom, President & General Manager of the Alaris division of Kodak Alaris. “INfuse provides an excellent opportunity to automate information capture and improve productivity, employee satisfaction, and customer experience.”

Kodak Alaris recently enhanced the award-winning INfuse Solution to drive further adoption of “edge capture.” Updates include Windows Server 2019 support to expand support of non-public cloud environments and three new flatbed accessories to give end users more flexibility to capture a wider variety of documents. In addition, a new card reader accessory provides a simple process for authenticating users requesting access to the scanners for improved data privacy and security.

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