Supercharge Your Mailroom Productivity

Brad Berryman
Territory Manager (US West)

Most enterprises have a busy mailroom with a variety of incoming document types to process. Each day, mailroom employees manage a steady stream of documents of varying lengths, thicknesses, and quality, and they all must be quickly scanned and distributed to the right people. It’s a critical part of everyday business that many people overlook.

Document scanning is only part of the digitization process. It’s common in mailrooms to see multiple employees focused on pre-sorting and preparing documents for scanning, and then having to deal with misfeeds and paper jams. This is frustrating for workers and expensive for the organization in terms of human resource costs.

Fortunately, Kodak Alaris can help you supercharge your mailroom and streamline the digitization process with a combination of superior paper handling, exceptional image quality, and intelligent data capture and distribution.

BLI found that our scanners consistently outperformed the competition, with an average of 20% greater OCR accuracy. This is a critical factor for ensuring downstream data integrity.

Superior Paper Handling

We believe our document scanners have the most reliable paper handling in the industry, and Buyers Lab International (BLI), an independent technology testing agency, agrees. Their testing concluded that scanners from Kodak Alaris successfully minimize misfeeds and demonstrated a 95% reduction in paper jams.  Plus, users can feed mixed batches as they arrive without sacrificing speed. This helps to ensure consistent, high-quality output and significantly cuts down on manual pre-sorting time.

Image Quality + OCR Accuracy = Data Integrity

Much of the data scanned in a mailroom is used in downstream processes to enable transactions and revenue generation.  When scanned image quality is poor, business-critical data can be unreadable for automated systems. This creates bottlenecks, slow customer response times, and unnecessary costs.

Our scanners feature Page Perfect Technology which produces the best possible image, every time. In fact, BLI found that our scanners consistently outperformed the competition, with an average of 20% greater OCR accuracy. This is a critical factor for ensuring downstream data integrity.

Automatic Data Distribution and Storage

After a document is scanned, the next challenge is to ensure that it reaches the right person or department to meet expectations about customer response times, accounts payable processing, service level agreements, and even regulatory compliance. To successfully streamline the scanning and processing of high-volume inflows of a wide variety of business-critical documents, you need the right technology solution.

To speed up the identification, indexing, and routing of data, many organizations use barcodes on their documents or patch sheets (barcoded dividers) between batches. Barcodes and patch sheets contain coded information about document type, index data that needs to be added, rules for how the file should be named, and where the record must be stored.

Our document scanners have built-in bar code reading technology to automatically identify and extract data from barcodes and patch sheets. This information can then be sent with scanned images for use in downstream processes. This practically eliminates manual data entry and human error. Plus, our Smart Touch software is built in, making it easy to trigger these features with the single press of a button.

Kodak Alaris Makes Sense

We exist to help the world make sense of information. We address every business need related to information capture workflows, including the challenges faced in high-volume mailrooms. Let us help you supercharge your mailroom and free your business to reach new heights of efficiency and productivity. Contact us today to learn more!