9 Things you need to know about Intelligent Capture

By AIIM, www.aiim.org

Infographic summarizing AIIM ebook on Intelligent Capture highlighting 9 key aspects

Kodak Alaris sponsored an ebook developed by AIIM as part of their Industry Watch series, that is titled “ Incorporating Intelligent Capture in your digital transformation strategy”. The Infographic summarizes the key findings of the survey conducted by AIIM, which include:

  • 72% of organizations say scanning paper is still the most important part of their information capture strategy.

  • 68% of organizations note that the focus of information capture has shifted in their organization from something that is often done after the fact (often for archiving purposes) to something that is done much closer to the point of information creation – as part of the launch of a business process.

  • 70% of organizations understand that intelligent capture needs to be a key element in their Digital Transformation strategy, and 73% see the connection between intelligent capture and AI/Machine Learning.

  • 82% of organizations see the rising volume of information as a significant problem, and 73% are also concerned about the explosion in information types.

  • Top 3 document processing challenges are:
    1. working with different content-intensive processes, systems and interfaces – 39%;
    2. manually classifying and routing documents – 35%; and
    3. receiving documents from diverse channels and devices – 34%.
  • 65% of organizations say their current capture solution is too complicated for a typical knowledge worker to use in an RPA environment.

  • As organizations work to replace manual processes with automated ones, how exceptions are managed – how they are identified, when, and how they are handled – is critical; 83% of organizations place a high value on this capability.

  • Expanding from “basic” capture to “intelligent” capture is clearly on the radar screen for most organizations. 64% of organizations are planning an intelligent capture project within the next year.

  • 65% of organizations “feel their current capture solutions are falling behind where they need to be re Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.”


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