Kodak Alaris Accelerates Digital Transformation for Bank of Dezhou

The Kodak S3120 Scanner doubles the capture efficiency for post-event transaction monitoring.

Kodak Alaris improves document capture efficiency and accuracy

Bank of Dezhou had been using a post-event monitoring system, but their scanners were slow and error prone. This limitation had a significant negative impact on work efficiency and information accuracy.

Due to the complexity and variety of document types, there were many image quality problems and paper jams happened constantly, slowing the process further. Frequent failures created many process delays, and the cost of device maintenance and replacement was excessive.

To solve these problems, Bank of Dezhou chose the Kodak S3120 Scanner after a lot of intense research. This award-winning scanner has many advantages, including:

  • Simple scanning operation: The Kodak S3120 scanner initializes quickly and is ready to scan in 10 seconds. Its large and intuitive color touch screen, personalized workflow, and Smart Touch technology makes it easy for operators to complete complex tasks with a high degree of automation.

  • Superior document processing: The large 300-sheet feeder supports a wide array of paper sizes and weights in any batch, with smooth document handling. Kodak Alaris scanners ensure that paper is stacked neatly, reducing manual pre-sorting of documents.

  • Perfect Page technology: The Perfect Page technology in Scanners from Kodak Alaris ensures the best possible image quality for accurate information extraction.

  • Data security: To protect data, Scanners from Kodak Alaris use TLS encryption when scanning over a network.

  • Industry-leading services and support: Kodak Alaris provides superior warranty and support services and a series of flexible and customizable scanner service plans.

Objective testing reveals significant upgrades in process speed and efficiency

Kodak Alaris has been a leader in the scanner industry for many years, and has won several awards for best image quality, process speed and accuracy, reliability, and support services. Kodak Alaris scanners are widely adopted in the government sector in addition to financial, insurance, healthcare, education, and other paper-intensive industries.

At the Bank of Dezhou, the Kodak Alaris technical team performed a field test with the S3120 model, four times in succession. The test involved the scanning of many different document types. Results were carefully inspected for several quality metrics.

The Kodak Alaris technical team simulated real working scenarios to determine the actual scanning speed. They scanned documents from sealed bags for each depositor or business. Each scanner was able to scan at a rate of 120 pages per minute, which was at least 2 times faster than that of the previous scanners.

Because there a wide variety of document types, the test process went on for a full day to ensure the objectiveness of the test results. Throughout the testing process, there were no paper jams or interruptions. The Kodak Alaris team also trained bank personnel how to operate the scanners and optimize their processes.

Kodak Alaris expertly solves unique problems in banking

Bank bills and documents have many formats and small fonts. When scanning these documents, accuracy is critically important. Kodak Alaris was able to prove that its consistent image quality and scanning intelligence would be a game-changer for the Bank of Dezhou.

After comparing products in the same class, customers also found that the Kodak S3120 had the best design and optimal size. Moreover, A3 scanners are favored by customers who require support for domestic operating systems and have network functions, so even if scanners are not used for post-event transaction monitoring, they can be applied to other work scenarios via other domestic equipment and domestic operating systems.

As a leading enterprise in the scanner industry, Scanners from Kodak Alaris have accelerated the digital transformation of paper documents in the banking industry with the highest degree of quality, efficiency, and flexibility.

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