Global BPO Looks to Kodak Alaris for Flawless Performance

Smarter sorting capabilities enable reuse of separator sheets, saving costs and time

When you’re capturing millions upon millions of documents for global clients in healthcare, insurance, banking, finance, and other industries, you need world-class scanning technology to power your enterprise. For this business-process services provider, flawless performance and reliability are essential — as digital payments, claims processing, benefit administration, customer care, and distributed learning are just some of the services delivered.

This organization was already driving its operations with more than 200 high-volume production scanners from Kodak Alaris. While pleased with the productivity and dependability achieved, the provider realized they were buying as many as one million patch sheets at a time to use for document separation.

They were actually discarding patch sheets after a single use. If they could find a way to re-use these sheets, they would achieve huge cost savings. Fortunately, patch sheet separation and stacking are two of the features built into the i5850S Scanners from Kodak Alaris.

The client no longer throws away millions of separator sheets each year. The i5850s Scanners made it possible for them to re-use these sheets and actualize large savings in terms of both dollars and time.  Kevin Keener Strategic Account Manager, Kodak Alaris Information Management

Until the organization purchased 43 new i5850S Scanners, millions of separator sheets were used and then thrown away annually. With the automated sorting capabilities these scanners deliver, separator sheets can now be used many times. Plus, scanner operators eliminate potential errors and spend less time on manual, post-scan document handling. The scanners provide a rear exit tray that neatly collects the separator sheets, and two front-access trays offer a large pocket for non-sorted documents as well as an easy-access, front-exception pocket for checks or special documents.

“There were a number of reasons why this client invested in the i5850S Scanners,” said Keener. “Notably the ability to re-use the separator sheets, which has delivered substantial cost savings. This capability also reduces the waste footprint for their operations. The scanners have improved efficiency and throughput while lowering their operating expenditures. And they appreciate the accuracy of image quality, image addressing, plus the intelligent numbering features.”

It's all about intelligence

The image-addressing feature permits reading of patch codes, so sequential numbers can be applied to each document scanned, and each batch accurately tracked and expedited. An image address is assigned to every document scanned, with the address displayed on the i5850S Scanner’s front-panel status display.

Two additional “smart” features of the scanners enhance daily operations for the organization –

  • Intelligent Barcode Reading – delivers superb data accuracy, thanks to the precision optics of the scanners.
  • Intelligent Job Select – uses the patch-code separator sheets to automatically switch job profiles, minimizing downtime between jobs.

These on-board features, which are embedded natively in the scanner, are supplemented by proprietary technology that determines the fastest way to scan, perform imaging functions, and extract data during scanning operations.

Integrated approach to information capture

With scanners from Kodak Alaris in multiple sites internationally, the provider benefits from the IN2 Ecosystem. This integrated approach to information capture combines scanners, software, services, and partnerships for a seamless solution.

One example is the service and support provided by Kodak Alaris. The organization purchased service-level agreements for their scanner fleet offering same-day, four-hour response time. “A scanner that isn’t in use or isn’t operating at optimal levels reduces performance and slows operations down,” Keener noted. “With service contracts from Kodak Alaris, most issues are solved over the phone and if on-site work is required, techs arrive promptly and resolve problems quickly.”

Relationships matter

This business process service provider has relied on products and solutions from Kodak Alaris for many years. They value the way Kodak Alaris focuses on innovation and improving their processes. The advanced sorting feature of the i5850S Scanners is a perfect example, offering a practical answer to a real-world problem and a great, fast return on investment.

“We’ve been collaborating with this organization for many years,” said Keener. “We like to talk about our IN2 Ecosystem and our right fit/right experience/right results mindset. Here our mission and vision comes to life through meaningful results for this organization.”

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