Life Insurance Bangalore

Back-office operations better serve more than a half million customers with faster, cost-effective onboarding

The client

A leading life Insurance company, Bangalore, India

The Challenge

Based in Bangalore, a leading life insurance company has been catering to the insurance needs of more than half a million customers across India since 2001. The company currently has more than 2,500 employees managing the growing clientele.

All processing of new applications and managing database of claims typically begins with capturing essential information from paper forms. Every piece of confidential information such as signatories and photographs have to be appropriately cropped and extracted from paper to store in the database.

With an increasing number of clients, the company’s back-office document management operations were struggling to keep pace with the amount of applications flowing in from their front line offices. In addition to the time-consuming paper scanning process, the company’s problems were compounded as the digitized copies also suffered from poor image quality. More time was wasted as paper assets had to be rescanned to combat the quality issue. Before long, the company’s ineffective information management system caused a drop in overall productivity and a decease in customer service satisfaction levels.

The solution

As recommended by Kodak Alaris’ partner, the company upgraded its information management process with Kodak i2400 Scanners and customized their document capture solutions.

The seamless integration of Kodak Alaris Solutions resulted in faster document processing speeds. With Kodak Capture Pro 2.0, the clarity of images scanned improved, reducing the need for rescanning. With the Kodak i2400 processing 30 ppm/60 ipm at 200 and 300 dpi, the company was able to efficiently automate their document and information management processes, making it easier for the staff to retrieve information. With new scanners, the company saw shortened approval cycles and faster response time to clients.


After making the switch to Kodak Alaris Scanning Solution, this leading life insurance company has achieved:

  • Significant cost savings from efficiency gains.
  • Higher levels of productivity due to reduced time needed to scan documents.
  • Better customer service as a result of shorter approval periods due to faster documentation processing speeds.

Kodak Alaris' scanners are well integrated into the Information Management process and have helped the company to increase efficiency and customer service levels. The company is now looking forward to extending the solution to other departments and functions to reap similar benefits.

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