Kodak S2050 Scanners power motor vehicle administration’s compliance with REAL ID Act

Maryland MVA updates cumbersome scanning process with fleet of KODAK S2050 Scanners and Flatbed Accessories to easily capture passport information and integrate into efficient, REAL ID Act-compliant driver’s licensing process.


Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, using older scanners and time-consuming process to capture passports and other documents, needs to update technology to comply with new licensing requirements related to REAL ID Act.


Speed scanning of passports and streamline integration of flatbed scanning with capture workflow to meet new guidelines and enhance constituent satisfaction. Update digital licensing process to handle today’s demands.


A combination of 900 Kodak S2050 Scanners, with 900 accompanying Passport Flatbed Accessories, integrated to bring significantly greater productivity to the MVA. The solution establishes a model for other states that must achieve REAL ID compliance.


The driver’s licensing process is faster and easier for employees and constituents. The MVA is now able to meet increasing demands in a timely fashion and issue licenses that meet all REAL ID mandates. Employees value the small scanner footprint, speed, and image-enhancement features of the S2050 Scanners.

Passport Social Security License

In the early 2000s, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) made do with an outdated system for digital imaging. Most of their scanners were old, the operating system was Windows 98, and it was a logistically clumsy and time-consuming process to integrate flatbed scans of passports, birth certificates, and other documents into their workflow.

A few years ago, experts from Kodak Alaris worked closely with the MVA to achieve integration of flatbed output with that of their aging scanners. It was a workable solution that demonstrated the expertise and dedication of Kodak Alaris, but not one that would handle the demands of the new century.

The existing technology could also not meet the demands of REAL ID legislation. Initiated after 9/11, and passed by Congress in 2005, the REAL ID Act set standards for issuing sources of identification. The Act established minimum security standards for state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards, and it prohibited federal agencies from accepting licenses and ID cards from states that don’t meet these standards. Its aim was to eliminate airline terrorism by increasing requirements for documents needed to board domestic planes. State agencies like the DMV/MVA require more paperwork regarding proof of residency and Social Security numbers when issuing licenses and identification cards under the Act. And Maryland needed to become compliant.

An impressive demo gets the ball rolling

Knowing that the smooth integration of flatbed and sheet-fed scanner capture was critical to MVA’s success, Kodak Alaris demonstrated the capabilities of Kodak S2000 Series Scanners –with accompanying Flatbed Accessories – to a group of Maryland government users, IT staff, and administrators. Within minutes, the assembled audience expressed how impressed they were with the speed of passport scanning and authentication (a key aspect of REAL ID requirements for consumers); the ability to scan delicate, older documents with a carrier sheet; and built-in scanning enhancements such as auto-crop, de-skewing, and eliminating blank pages. Scanning speed and significantly smaller files sizes were also seen as important advantages.

After an RFP and bidding process, Kodak Alaris won the contract to provide an initial 450 Kodak S2050 Scanners and 450 Flatbed Accessories, along with 450 Care Kits. These Care Kits assure productivity, protection, and peace of mind, adding extended service coverage to the initial product warranties. After their new systems were up and running successfully and had proven to be a wise, productive investment, the MVA made an additional purchase of another 450 S2050 Scanners, Flatbed Accessories, and Care Kits.

To make an initial purchase of 450 S2050 Scanners, Flatbed Accessories, and Care Kits demonstrates that the MVA was very confident in our solution. To then purchase another 450 of each says to us that they value and love this solution very much. Joe Yankle Director, Public Sector, Alaris, a Kodak Alaris business

Smiles and satisfaction all around

“To make an initial purchase of 450 S2050 Scanners, Flatbed Accessories, and Care Kits demonstrates that the MVA was very confident in our solution,” said Joe Yankle, Director, Public Sector, Kodak Alaris. “To then purchase another 450 of each says to us that they value and love this solution very much.”

Since December of 2018 when all their S2050 Scanners and Flatbed Accessories were in place and operating, representatives from Kodak Alaris have heard overwhelmingly positive feedback about the solution and its benefits from users, IT personnel, and constituents, including comments on topics like these:

Real ID

Speed – The ability to quickly process multiple constituent documents, return them to the customer, and process transactions far more quickly is a huge plus for everyone involved. Passports, for example, can be scanned and returned to the visitor in one efficient step.

Size – S2050 Scanners are very compact with a small footprint that fits far more gracefully on a desktop or at a customer-service kiosk than the MVA’s old units. Even the Passport Flatbed Accessory is small, with the S2050 “docking” on top of it.

Paper handling – With Active Feed Technology, document preparation time is slashed, and the Controlled Stacking feature neatly arranges documents in the output tray after scanning. Documents are “jogged” to avoid misfeeds and jams are extremely rare.

Document capabilities – Hard cards such as IDs, along with passports, birth certificates, and other small and fragile documents can now all be captured seamlessly.

Image quality – Users are impressed with how on-board Perfect Page technology can enhance quality to make image files look even better than many originals. Other image enhancements, such as deskewing and auto crop, take place in the scanner so they aren’t a drag on system performance.

Integration and security – IT experts at the MVA value the ease and speed of set-up, and their ability to automatically configure and update device settings. Security is assured with enterprise-security protocols for network scanning.

Interface and operation – Capture with scanners and flatbeds is made faster and easier via a large, color-user interface and the ability to configure up to nine pre-sets for one-touch capture and distribution.

Assured productivity, peace of mind, and cost savings – Employees continue to be impressed with the reliability of the S2050 Scanners as they keep up with demand day after day. The scanners and Flatbed Accessories come with a 3-year warranty, enhanced by the Care Kit protection. The amount of time saved via faster, hassle-free scanning, virtual elimination of re-scans, and reduced storage demands (thanks to smaller file sizes) all contribute to a significant bottom-line benefit.

A template for other DMVs/MVAs

While it has taken the federal government almost 15 years to implement the REAL ID Act fully, all states need to comply by October 1, 2020. Beginning on that date, every state and territory resident will need to present a REAL ID-compliant license/ID or another acceptable form of identification (such as a passport or passport card) to access federal facilities, including boarding commercial aircraft.

With many states still scrambling to meet the guidelines, the solution now employed so successfully by the Maryland MVA can serve as a model for achieving compliance quickly and extremely efficiently. As Yankle notes, “For states that are exploring directions to meet REAL ID mandates and issue enhanced licenses, the MVA solution is a multi-faceted answer that can address their needs in cost-effective and productive ways. A solution that offers tremendous benefits for everyone involved.”

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