Edge Digital Group and Kodak Alaris Transform Records Management for DMV Affiliates

The state of Maryland uses licensed small businesses to scan, process, and submit a variety of paperwork for the DMV. Here's how Edge Digital Group is leveraging Kodak Alaris technology to help these businesses succeed.

For over 25 years, Edge Digital Group has been helping companies and government agencies manage information more efficiently and optimize business workflows. They chose to partner with Kodak Alaris to deliver data capture and processing solutions that automate customer onboarding workflows for small businesses serving the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Here’s how the partnership is helping these businesses succeed.

Background and Challenges

There are several Tag & Title businesses across Maryland providing important services for the state. As licensed members of the Maryland Vehicle Titling Association (MVTA), the state leverages these small businesses to scan, process, and submit a variety of paperwork for the Maryland DMV. Motor Car Tag & Title is one of these businesses. They were the first to bring Edge Digital Group in to help solve a variety of problems with data onboarding and records management. There were far too many manual and repeated steps involved, making the process slow and prone to data quality issues.

“These companies were forced to spend a lot of time and money wrestling with an inefficient and often broken system, and they were unable to provide a fast and reliable experience for their customers.”

Before the solution was implemented, employees had to scan documents and licenses to a folder, upload them to multiple systems for processing, and then scan the documents again. They had to re-scan because their system deletes each record after scanning, but a state mandate requires them to retain archival copies of everything. It was a frustrating experience for employees and customers alike.

In addition, they had purchased off-the-shelf scanners that produced inconsistent and low-quality results, so there was a wide range of data quality issues being delivered into the state system. Scanning documents to onboard customers is the first part of the business workflow but their low-end scanners continually broke down and needed replacement.

Jon Stuck, owner of Edge Digital Group, consulted with similar businesses in the area and found they were all dealing with the same problems. In short, these companies were forced to spend a lot of time and money wrestling with an inefficient and often broken system, and they were unable to provide a fast and reliable experience for their customers.

Customized Solutions from Kodak Alaris

Each business's unique needs and workflows benefit from expert consultation from Jon and the Edge Digital Group team.

"With our knowledge of the industry and awareness of the broad product portfolio that Kodak Alaris offers, we were able to move quickly with a series of recommendations. We immediately started implementing solutions for Motor Car Tag & Title and then Tag & Title Service of Maryland."

Jon's team recommended KODAK 2070 Scanners, the S3000 Max Series Scanners, and KODAK Capture Pro software.

"We were quickly on site to help them design and configure new automation workflows. It didn’t take long for everyone to see the difference. As soon as we were plugged in on the very first day, it was clear to everyone involved that they finally had a solution that would make their lives easier. They no longer had to scan anything twice, and the image quality is consistently exceptional. Plus, it's a very simple solution, a system that anybody can learn to use in just a few minutes."

Now their entire records management process is fast, easy to use, and reliable—no one worries about poor quality output or scanners breaking down.

"The Kodak Alaris solution has streamlined their entire operation. It has created a better employee and customer experience while helping the business grow.

With KODAK Capture Pro, we can auto fill options when scanning in paperwork, which saves a lot of time on the data entry side. We can easily customize the way we scan, the way we output, and other things that the previous software could not do. These workflows are now fast and smooth and customers can see the difference."

“One of the things we pride ourselves on is our customer service. The new system with Kodak Alaris has allowed us to provide five-star service every time a customer walks through the door.”
- Beth Caro, Owner of Tag & Title Service of Maryland

Results That Continue to Pay Dividends

“We no longer need to manually enter all those VIN numbers – this alone was a huge win for us. I’m thrilled to be able to save my staff from all the mundane tasks they used to waste their time on.”
- Beth Caro, Owner of Tag & Title Service of Maryland

With the Kodak Alaris solution in place, both motor vehicle service companies have significantly reduced the number of steps required to complete a customer transaction. Tag & Title Service of Maryland was able to eliminate 15 manual steps from their workflows. This automation has freed up time for staff to focus on more strategic tasks. Now they can scan something once and output it to as many places as necessary and get the data directly into the state system quickly and accurately.

"Having worked with practically every solution provider in the industry, we believe Kodak Alaris offers the best range of document capture and data automation solutions in the market. We are proud to partner with Kodak Alaris to make our customers successful. We continue to build similar data capture and management platforms for other business across the region. Each organization has unique workflows and challenges, and Kodak Alaris enables us to successfully address them all."

There are hundreds of Tag & Title service organizations like this in Maryland and many more across the region, so the growth opportunity is tremendous.

"We’re looking forward to helping these companies build a stronger future together and bring a better experience to the thousands of customers who use their services."


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