Forms processing challenge

Processing paper-based forms is slow and error prone. Hand-keying data into digital systems slows the speed of your business and can carry high labor costs.


Forms processing has many challenges

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Take the Complexity Out of Forms Processing

Find out how the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem extracts information automatically from forms to supercharge your productivity.

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Automate Forms Processing With Scanning and Capture Software

Processing paper-based forms is slow and error prone. Hand-keying data into digital systems slows the speed of your business and carry high labor costs. See how solutions in the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem turn data chaos into business opportunity. 

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3 ways to automate work on the go

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BPO & Service Bureau

OCR Workflows - Document capture - Correspondence - Accounts Payable - Transaction processing - Invoice processing

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Loan applications - Account opening - Claims form - Underwriting - Pension fund requests - Benficiary updates

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Healthcare Providers

Admissions forms - Consent forms - Medical release forms - Authorization releases - Contact information - Benefits coverage - Insurance claims - Privacy releases

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Post and Parcel

Proof of delivery (POD) information - Daily route sheets - Certificate of mailing - Change of addresses - Mail hold/forward authorization - Authorized signatures

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Alaris solutions


Bill of Sale - Proof of inspection - Credit report - Proof of purchase - Warranty - Service contracts

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/ BPO & Service Bureau Creating sales opportunities

Kodak Alaris brings more than just hardware, for a total solutions sale

In 2012, iGuana was scanning 300,000 documents a day. Today, that number has grown. When you’re a leader in business process outsourcing, having a differentiated offering helps get you there.  It’s not (just) about the right hardware, it’s about the right total solution.

Customers know they will not pay more than the agreed fee if they add more pages – and keeping the integrity of the scanned document – including blank pages – is not a cost issue anymore.

/ Finance Branch scanning solves claims processing

Kodak Alaris helps avoid paper-based bottlenecks

With 300 offices full of insurance brokers, centralized scanning caused bottlenecks that caused insurance brokers to work inefficiently. To process more claims and gain more clients, Belfius Insurance needed to improve speed.

New technologies and document capture and scanning developments enable a ubiquitous capture approach, regardless of devices.

/ Finance Mortgage service provider achieves high compliance rates

Kodak Alaris scanners help a mortgage service provider now scan over 10 million documents a year, 9x more than ever before

When you’re processing 10 million pages a year, you can’t afford long periods of downtime in your scanning and document processing areas.

I am impressed with the craftsmanship, the build quality, and the life-long durability. I can’t say enough good things about the comfort level we get from the service.

/ Finance Putting a smile on pet owners faces

Kodak Alaris digitizes claims data to provide 100% satisfaction

Responsiveness is critical to keeping customers satisfied. Agria Pet Insurance has committed to processing claims within five days of receipt. To keep their promise, Agria needed to improve administrative efficiency.

Scanning claims forms and supporting paperwork is all about improving administrative efficiency. It enables information to be centrally stored and accessed by various members of staff when claims are live.

/ Healthcare Providers Healthcare paperwork gets in shape

Kodak Alaris eliminates manual data entry for patient visits

Lifetime Care made the transition to a digital workflow, scanning documents to record every patient visit. However, the staff was still spending too much time on manual data entry and filling in fields of data. Managing multiple software platforms caused confusion and wasted time.

The Kodak Alaris  Products have allowed us to manage documents for a minimum cost, while making access to information easier and ensuring that we achieve compliance.

/ Healthcare Providers Scanning prescriptions in less time

Kodak Alaris scanners reduce wait times at the pharmacy counter

Each time repeat prescriptions are made, pharmacists have to physically check back to view the original prescription to see what medicines the patient was taking. This is required to meet standards as outlined by regulators, and took extra time.

It is a very simple solution which allows pharmacists or their assistants to spend more time with patients front of house.

/ Post and Parcel Speeding up express package delivery

Kodak Alaris speeds up document scanning for TNT France

Every delivery route has paperwork and receipt confirmations. But outsourcing the paperwork caused delays and discouraged customers.

Customer satisfaction considerably improves thanks to a faster processing of delivery sheets so customers can get access to proof of delivery information in the fastest possible way.

/ Retail Streamlined logistics for retail

A decentralized scanning system that’s easy to use reduces staff training time and makes getting documents faster

Global grocery store manages 46 hypermarkets and needs to keep logistics in order while saving time and money.

We have been an early mover in digitization and have acquired a lot of know-how, also regarding scanning. After tests, the scanners from Kodak Alaris stood out as being most robust and reliable.

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