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10 Reasons Why Browser-based Document Capture May Be the Right Solution for Your Business

Since the start of the pandemic, organizations across all industries have had to adapt their business operations quickly. The people who collect, assess and take action on data have not been able to do so from a central location. Changes in the way we all work have led to a boom in digitalization efforts and the need for distributed data capture solutions.

Data capture and automation for everyone, everywhere

An intelligent capture solution is critical for decentralized, accurate data intake and related processing. It must be flexible and agile, enabling data capture  from mobile devices, document scanners, and multi-function printers (MFPs) distributed across various departments, remote branches, or home offices.

Info Input Solution from Kodak Alaris is like a conductor, directing your data from various sources across the enterprise, simplifying how you capture, extract, and deliver information to improve efficiency and drive business results. This browser-based solution makes it easy to connect people to documents, documents to processes, and processes to systems.

Here are 10 reasons why Info Input might be the right solution for you.

  1. Centralised Installation and Administration: As a browser-based data capture solution, Info Input can be installed and made available on a local server or in the cloud, depending on your business needs or preferences. There’s no need for software installation on end-user PCs, and there’s an app for smartphones and tablets. In addition, all administration and maintenance functions are performed centrally, including the creation of users and user access privileges.

  2. Ideal for thin-client environments: No installation on a computer is required; a browser-based information capture solution is perfectly suited to thin-client environments.

  3. Perfect for environments that rely on a variety of devices: Browser-based document processing from any device or manufacturer is fast and easy, whether you’re using a multi-function device, a dedicated scanner, or a mobile device.

  4. Open architecture: The open architecture of IIS allows for easy integration into existing systems and simple migration, thus eliminating the need for system upgrades. Connectors enable the seamless integration of documents and data into downstream and cloud applications.

  5. Multi-channel capability: Info Input Solution is ideal for scanned documents as well as digital documents of any kind, such as e-mails, chat histories, or app data, all of which can be captured and grouped r with other documents.

  6. Outstanding performance: Info Input  provides the performance characteristics of a fat client,   supporting scanners that can process 10 – 210 sheets per minute and providing asynchronous batch download to maximize productivity. Users can start indexing scanned documents while a batch is still being downloaded, thus eliminating the need to wait.

  7. Powerful functionality for all users: Additional features that improve efficiency and productivity include the ability to separate  by patch or barcode, as well as the automatic classification and organization of documents. Users can set up the indexing process to extract key data from documents automatically, whether from barcodes, OCR (optical character recognition), or ICR (handwriting recognition) by leveraging machine learning (artificial intelligence) features.

  8. Simple user experience: Training costs are minimized thanks to Info Input’s intuitive user interface. The scanning function can optionally be run within a business application, so that users never have to exit the application to scan a document. The integration of data capture directly into your business processes minimizes the possibility of human error and makes information more readily available.

  9. Adherence to compliance and security: Data archiving is simplified and a consistent cross-platform chain of custody is ensured, which is essential for compliance and audits. The entire data transfer takes place using standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

  10. Lower your costs: There’s no need for individual licenses for each workstation. With the “concurrent” model, an average of only 25% of licenses are required based on the number of users. One user may perform a  process  which takes only a few minutes, during which time a license is used. Once this process is complete, the license is released again and another user can complete a different process with the same license.

Get started with Info Input Solution from Kodak Alaris

Info Input provides a simple and flexible way to deploy and manage your information capture and automation systems, extending your data capture capabilities to the very edge of your workflows. Info Input empowers you to connect all your data input sources in a distributed environment, improve your process integration, and enforce your data processing rules automatically.

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