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Jun 14, 2017

Needs for digital documents and e-records increase

As business volumes expand, the demand for electronic access has also escalated. Data accuracy continues to be a critical factor. The company focuses on delivering the highest level of accuracy in document processing, to protect homeowners and help the mortgage banking industry, while preserving national land records.

Goals like these place great emphasis on scanner performance. For nearly eight years, the company used an array of Kodak i600 Scanners, but growing requirements for digital transmission to county agencies meant scanner upgrades were required.

Like the rest of the world, stakeholders wanted information faster, for a lower cost, and in electronic formats. The company’s Scanning Lead, another decision makers explored a mix of scanners from Kodak Alaris and other manufacturers to find the right equipment for their upgrade. “We tested and tried out one competitor to Kodak Alaris that offered an acceptable machine, very low priced, but made cheaply in terms of build and components,” the Scanning Lead says. “Another company provided a decent scanner but it didn’t handle our broad mix of documents well, too many jams and interruptions.” The company processes an extremely wide range of document sizes, weights, and types: everything from third-generation photocopies to 30-year old mortgages to check stubs and beyond.

KODAK i5600 Scanners outperform tested competitors

Working with 1st Run Computer Services, a Kodak Alaris Channel Partner, the company decided to invest in five new Kodak i5600 Scanners. “Our bottom line is quality and reliability, and the i5600 Scanners come through for us on both accounts,” the Scanning Lead notes. In terms of why they chose Kodak Alaris, he cited several reasons.

Perfect Page technology – This image-enhancing technology of Kodak Scanners creates a very clean image “sometimes even better looking than the original” with no artifacts, dust particles, marks or other anomalies.” He says they have had documents rejected by some counties for something as minor as a faint line down the center, so providing “perfect” images is essential. He also values the ability of Perfect Page to “bring up” everything that’s handwritten or stamped on documents, such as initials, signatures, guarantees, seals and stamps, noting how the legibility of these important elements can’t be underestimated.

Proven accuracy Combining the sharp optics of the i5600 Scanners with Perfect Page technology creates cleaner, crisper documents. The rejection rate for eDocuments from the company is now below 1%.

Minimized sorting and prep time A pre-sorting team logs in all document sets and adds identifier pages, but does not have to spend much time separating document types by size or paper characteristics, as the i5600 Scanners handle mixed batches seamlessly without issues.

Production at rated throughput A must-have for the company’s daily volumes and customer demands.

Impressive, higher-volume scanning capabilities Since upgrading to the i5600 Scanners, the company has increased its annual scanning volume from 1.2 million to 10 million+ pages per year.

Service & Support from Kodak Alaris Working with a primary Field Engineer (FE) offers several advantages.

  1. Proactive maintenance, making sure their scanners are running optimally and heading off potential issues before they become production stopping problems.
  2. Useful tips, helping operators learn how to perform routine maintenance and solve situations without a service call.
  3. Extensive knowledge, providing fast diagnostics and completing repairs quickly.

Craftsmanship is key When giving his overall impression of the combination of Kodak i5600 Scanners and service and support from Kodak Alaris, the Scanning Lead says, “As far as the hardware is concerned, I am impressed with the craftsmanship, the build quality, and the life-long durability. The software updates are useful and well implemented; they simply make the whole system better. And I can’t say enough good things about the comfort level we get from the service.”

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