Digitization: Everial chooses Capture Pro Network Edition from Kodak Alaris

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The Kodak Capture Pro Network Edition solution has already been deployed at two Everial sites in Rillieux-La-Pape and Chartres.

Although it had been an Everial partner for more than 15 years, it was only in 2016 that Kodak Alaris deployed its Capture Software Pro Network Edition at two Everial sites. This particularly innovative tool offers centralized administration thanks to a dashboard.

Kodak Alaris and Everial have a relationship built to last for many more years. After opening its digital production department in 2005, Everial called on Kodak Alaris to deploy the client version of the solution developed by the information capture specialist. However, as Everial continued to grow, this tool quickly became obsolete. This gave rise to a need to switch to more substantial hardware.

Successful deployment of a new tool

“As we were already working with Kodak Alaris, we knew that the network version was quite successful,” recalls Antoine Rabelliau, Digitization Production Manager for Everial. “We viewed a general presentation on the tool and became interested in switching to the network edition. Kodak Alaris delivered the goods, providing support in installation and deployment and, over the long term, ensured that everything went well.”

In 2016, Everial chose Kodak Capture Pro Network Edition from Kodak Alaris to equip its platforms in Chartres and Rillieux-La-Pape, France. While the application itself remains unchanged, new tools are now available to users, including production managers who can access a dashboard allowing real-time production monitoring.

Highly valued new features

Real-time monitoring is not the only benefit offered by the solution. Indeed, Capture Pro Network Edition has the ability to capture high-resolution images with the option to compress them to a high level. The file generated is in fact greatly reduced in size. Users can also select multiple text, barcode or QR code recognition zones to convey information in standardized documents.

“The feature we use the most is character recognition with ABBYY OCR,” explains Rabelliau. “After being integrated into the software version a little over a year ago, this license permits full-text search of documents. It’s the indispensable tool in the solution, used in 80 to 90% of our processes, in aeronautics as well as in the pharmaceutical industry and human resources.”

A solution that gained unanimous support

With 18 machines equipped with Capture Pro Network Edition at all of its sites, Everial has been able to take full advantage of the various features offered by this solution. Users particularly mention the ability to outsource the new process section outside the production line, thus eliminating any downtime. A process can also be deployed quickly in other similar flows, resulting in significant time savings.

“The investment by the Everial and Kodak Alaris teams allowed us to integrate the Network Edition solution and expand it according to the evolution of the production line. It embodies the full dynamism of our long-standing collaboration with Everial,” emphasizes Aline Cande-Saponara, Sales Manager for Kodak Alaris. “We’re proud to be a privileged partner of Everial for over 15 years. From the start of its digitization activities, Everial chose high volume production scanners from Kodak Alaris and was one of the first companies in France to use Capture Pro Software Network Edition.”

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