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Kodak Alaris Simplifies the Passport Scanning Experience

Steve King
Product Marketing Manager, EMEIA

Most organizations today are pulling information into business systems from a variety of sources. Much of that information has gone digital, but there’s still an immense amount of information in physical formats because the processes are either too complex, too sensitive, or they involve too many stakeholders. Identity documents are an important example. Technology can help automate, but ID-related processes will continue to rely on physical documentation because of the many challenges involved with going fully digital. In 2023, the US State Department issued the most passports in the nation’s history, so physical IDs won’t be going away any time soon.

A passport is the most important and valuable identity document that a citizen can own. Internationally recognized, a passport verifies that an identity is true and genuine, authorizes the right to travel around the world, and provides access to many other social rights and opportunities. So, it’s essential that all transactions involving passports run as smoothly as possible so that service organizations can deliver timely and reliable service to citizens.

Unique Challenges with Passport Scanning

Although global standards are bringing these forms of identity into uniform shapes and sizes, there are variations in things like document thickness and materials used. For example, some passports can contain over 65 pages, making them difficult to process quickly. To handle these exceptions, some organizations use plastic sleeves that allow passports to be scanned through document feeders, or workers will wait in line to use the scan function on a multi-function printer. Both options are time consuming and tedious for the employee and the passport holder alike. Constant exception handling puts extra stress on an already stressful situation.

The User Experience is Key

To create a consistently excellent customer experience, organizations need simplicity—without exceptions! The goal is to deliver a fast and painless user experience that inspires confidence and creates customer loyalty, an experience that lifts the atmosphere around the interaction and creates better outcomes for everyone.

This is where document scanners from Kodak Alaris make all the difference. Over the years, we’ve listened carefully and purposefully to this need for simplicity. Users can scan documents through our office scanners directly in front of the customer and get perfect images every time.

The passport is automatically scanned from the glass along with other documents in the feeder, and it never leaves the owner’s sight. It couldn’t be any easier.

We know scanning passports is trickier than most documents. They’re like little books, so they require a different approach. Our modular flatbed accessory sits directly under our office scanners. There’s no lid to worry about, so it’s easy to quickly scan any passport, regardless of its size, condition, or country of origin—even the most challenging and thick “double” type where two passports are stapled together. Not only does the passport accessory make the scanning process fast and easy, the device is also 40% smaller than competing products, which saves important desk space.

The passport accessory simplifies the process so that workers never have to use a carrier sleeve or leave their station to walk up to a multi-function device. The passport is automatically scanned from the glass along with other documents in the feeder, and it never leaves the owner’s sight. It couldn’t be any easier.

In addition, choosing a scanner with a passport accessory plus network capabilities makes it easy to create a productive shared network scanning environment. It’s another reason that Kodak Alaris makes sense. No matter what kind of document you need to process, our scanners can handle it all—with exceptional speed, accuracy, and ease of use that makes customer-facing transactions fast, simple, and reliable.

Contact us today to learn more about our customer-facing scanning solutions and how Kodak Alaris can help your organization achieve higher levels of productivity and automation.

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