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KODAK Info Input 7: Raising the Bar on Document Intelligence and Automation

Bill Galusha
Global Solutions Portfolio Leader
Kodak Alaris

Intelligent document processing (IDP) is rapidly transforming enterprises around the world, and the nature and variety of business use cases is expanding along with the technology. IDP is no longer just a downstream business process; it intersects with other technologies and applications, offering powerful user workflows directly within BPM, RPA, ERP, and CRM systems.

This new era of document intelligence has unlocked a world of opportunity for businesses of all kinds. About 80% of enterprise data is unstructured, so the potential benefit of these new capabilities is immense. Highly complex unstructured documents can now be quickly analyzed and understood, enabling accurate data extraction and document intelligence actions across large data sets.

The ability to leverage AI models that can quickly recognize and act on unstructured information is transforming operations in many industries, helping leaders make financial decisions, conduct risk assessments, make business forecasts, and much more. If you can imagine it, document intelligence can probably do it, and do it fast.

IDP has quickly become a business-critical technology, and we at Kodak Alaris are excited to be part of the intelligent automation revolution. With our latest release of KODAK Info Input Solution 7.0, our customers and partners can access a whole new level of document intelligence and process automation to deliver significant and sustainable productivity gains.

The new capabilities of Info Input 7 include:

  • Open Intelligence™ – Info Input 7 makes it easy for enterprises to access document AI services from trusted leaders in this rapidly evolving landscape, namely Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. This way, organizations have reliable access to the latest in machine intelligence without having to think about updating services to more capable options.

  • Embedded Document Intelligence – Apply machine learning (ML) algorithms and the latest in document AI services directly within line of business applications via out-of-the-box APIs.

  • Enterprise Scalability – Info Input 7 can handle hundreds of thousands of documents of various types and deliver the information wherever it needs to be, and thousands of users can connect from anywhere via browser or mobile app. The solution can be securely deployed on-premises or in a private cloud.

  • Simple Customizations – Out of the box, KODAK Info Input Solution can integrate with the industry’s most advanced document AI services, and custom APIs extend these capabilities with practically limitless potential.

  • Advanced Workflow Automation – A new low-code / no-code interactive script editor makes it easy to create and deploy scripts for custom jobs or complex environments and deploy advanced workflow tasks. An improved human-in-the-loop (HITL) client can handle thousands of batches and thousands of images per batch.

  • Capture documents at the edge of a process – Info Input 7 can connect directly to the INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution from Kodak Alaris, making it easier than ever to capture documents at the point of intake or transaction and immediately apply document intelligence to achieve higher levels of workflow automation across an enterprise.

This new technology wave is just beginning to swell. Document AI is bringing new value and opportunity to businesses, and we are excited to be at the vanguard of this revolution. We are helping enterprises all over the world to make sense of their information with advanced document intelligence capabilities, and we look forward to growing our ecosystem of partners and customers in this new era of AI.

Contact us today to define your IDP requirements and explore the opportunities ahead.