In Pursuit of the Capture-Optimized Business

Read the whitepaper and rethink what document capture could be.

It's time for modern document management

Right now, in your business, someone somewhere is performing a manual workaround for a document capture process. It happens all the time: field extraction pulls inaccurate data, scanned images are illegible, some forms fail to get processed – all of which require manual intervention to correct, which cost both time and money.

Document capture should not require a “manual stack” like this. Capture should be simple. This is not just a matter of wishful thinking or “nice-to-have” – this is a matter of inefficiency versus efficiency, chaos versus order.

How to optimize document capture

The impact of inefficient document capture cannot be overstated. In order to evaluate the current state of your capture workflow, there are five questions you need to ask about yourself:

  1. How manual is your capture process?
  2. How many times do your documents get moved during the capture workflow?
  3. How accurate is your document- based data?
  4. Can you efficiently redeploy to another part of the business?
  5. Are you stuck with a broken capture workflow?

No matter the industry, data chaos poses a threat to success of an organization. Businesses, agencies, nonprofits, insurance providers, financial firms – all deserve a flexible, powerful, meaningful onboarding process for paper-based information.

This is what Kodak Alaris is all about: we believe companies need to eliminate the manual stack and harness the power of data chaos in information capture. We advocate for simpler, more effective information capture delivered through dynamic, ever evolving technologies. And we won’t stop until every business has it.

Download the full report, ‘In Pursuit of the Capture-Optimized Business’, to learn how Kodak Alaris provides solutions to the information management problems faced by every company.

While you’re at it, check out some real-life examples of businesses and organizations we have helped through our commitment in leading them down a successful digitization path


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