2018 AIIM Research: State of the Industry

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Digital Transformation is a C-level priority, but most businesses and public organizations are struggling to make progress. What’s holding us back?

We worked with AIIM to assess where people are on their journey and what is holding them back from making progress. This report provides actionable advice on overcoming theses hurdles by deploying Intelligent Information Management (IIM) practices.

Why it's Time for Intelligent Information Management

Digital transformation has now become a must for every business that wants to succeed, but many companies are still struggling. In this Industry Watch report, AIIM found:

  • Over 53% of organizations are “living on the edge” in terms of a potential serious disruption in their business model
  • 86% see failure to digitize and standardize (and automate!) business inputs as a key transformation bottleneck
  • Top performing organizations assess their information competency as 80% more effective than a typical bottom performing organization

What's in the Report?

AIIM set out to quantify what organizations thought of “Intelligent Information Management,” how they see the relationship between IIM and Digital Transformation, and where they are on both their Digital Transformation journeys and their plans for the underlying technologies that fuel core IIM practices and methodologies. Their research uncovered several takeaways:

  • Every organization is on (and should be on!) a digital transformation journey
  • The rising tide of information chaos is undermining digital transformation
  • To combat this, new forms of information management are emerging, beyond traditional ECM
  • Four key building blocks can guide organizations forward on their journey to digital transformation success, using modern IIM frameworks

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