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Kodak Alaris has claimed the coveted BLI 2020 Scanner Line of the Year award from the analysts at Buyers Lab thanks to its…

“For most business processes, automation starts at the scanner,” said Lee Davis, Senior Editor of Scanner Analysis & Software Evaluation. “Interestingly, though, a lot of onboarding tasks like separating and reorganizing batches, adjusting image-enhancement settings, entering indexing data, and configuring routing instructions are handled manually, which can be as time-consuming and error-prone as working with paper. Scanners from Kodak Alaris extend automation to the point of capture, enabling customers to get the most out of their digital transformation investment. Equipped with Kodak Alaris' Smart Touch and Perfect Page technology, scanners from Kodak Alaris can convert paper documents into crystal clear digital files, extract specific information from each page, and route files to where they’re needed next, all with the single press of a button. And thanks to impeccable image quality, scanners from Kodak Alaris are among the best performers during Buyers Lab’s OCR accuracy testing—an important component of optimizing your business process optimization strategy.”

“Kodak Alaris is by far the most awarded scanner manufacturer in Buyers Lab’s 62-year history, with 30 Picks and Outstanding Achievements along with five Line of the Year awards,” said Donald J. Lofstrom, President and General Manager of Kodak Alaris. “As we kick off a new decade with this prestigious award, we look forward to innovating, delighting our customers, and growing with our partners for many years to come.”

Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab congratulates Kodak Alaris on winning BLI’s 2020 Scanner Line of the Year award!

Outstanding Reputation

Kodak Alaris devices that contributed to this award (all are Highly Recommended/Highly Reliable):

Kodak E1025: Outstanding Scanner for SMBs
Kodak E1035: Outstanding Scanner for SMBs
Kodak S2040: Outstanding Departmental Scanner
Kodak S2050: Outstanding Departmental Scanner
Kodak S2060W: Outstanding Departmental Scanner
Kodak S2080W: Outstanding Departmental Scanner
Kodak i2900: Outstanding A4 Flatbed Departmental Scanner
Kodak i3300: Outstanding Light Production Scanner
Kodak i3450: Outstanding A3 Flatbed Low-Volume Production Scanner
Kodak i3500: Outstanding Light Production Scanner
Kodak i4650: Outstanding A3 High-Volume Production Scanner
Kodak i4850: Outstanding Budget-Friendly A3 High Volume Production Scanner
Kodak i5650: Outstanding High-Volume Production Scanner
Kodak Scan Station 710: Outstanding A4 Network Scanner

Better Image Quality for Better OCR Accuracy
Optical character recognition (OCR) is a fundamental building block for automating manual, paper-based business processes. It translates information in paper and electronic documents into the binary bits that computers understand. Therefore, if OCR results are inaccurate, it can create big problems downstream. In most cases, poor OCR accuracy is a result of poor image quality.

It’s no coincidence that scanners from Kodak Alaris are always among the top performers during Buyers Lab’s Image Quality and OCR accuracy tests. Each device is powered by Perfect Page technology, which automatically applies the optimal image enhancement settings to each document as it passes through the ADF. The result is crisp and clean output that OCR solutions can easily read.

One Machine to Scan Them All
Scanners from Kodak Alaris are versatile onramps that can handle just about anything you throw at it, including checks, plastic cards (credit or ID cards, for instance), business cards, long documents, and carbonless forms. As an option, customers can purchase the Passport Scanner from Kodak Alaris. This add-on provides businesses with a cost-effective solution for capturing passports and other IDs without having to purchase a pricey, specialized unit.

Kodak Alaris also leverages several paper handling features to prevent misfeeds. For example, Active Feed technology from Kodak Alaris automatically jogs stacks of paper in the ADF before scanning starts, ensuring that pages enter the paper path properly. Other technologies, like double-feed detection and Intelligent Document Protection, monitor the papers journey through the device. Embedded sensors can detect irregularities in the paper path and prevent jams, preserving originals and preventing data loss (instances where a portion of the document isn’t scanned). In the nearly 1.5 million pages that Buyers Lab technicians have run through the current lineup of scanners from Kodak Alaris, only five misfeeds—a whopping 0.00035 percent of all pages fed—were recorded. For convenience, customers can purchase the controlled stacking deflector, which corrals and neatly stacks pages as they’re ejected into the output tray.

Notable media handling feature and functionalities:

  • Intelligent Document Protection
  • Active Feed technology
  • Optional controlled stacking deflector
  • Optional Passport Scanner
  • Staple detection
  • Ultrasonic double feed detection

Smart, Integrated, Automated
Scanners from Kodak Alaris are driven by robust technology to automate scanning workflows and optimize image quality.

Kodak Alaris Smart Touch is a scanning utility that extends business process automation to the point of capture. You can create customized scanning profiles that automatically apply specific file naming, indexing, batch separation, and routing settings so you can kick off entire workflows with the press of a button. Not only does this reduce the amount of time workers spend in front of scanners, but it also eliminates a lot of little “butterfly effect” mistakes that can have a huge impact down the line.

KODAK Capture Pro delivers advanced document capture/routing and batch processing capabilities. The solution leverages barcode recognition capabilities to automate batch separation and document indexing processes. Other standout features include quality control tools to reduce mistakes during data entry processes, mark detection tools for enhanced forms processing, and connectors with tons of popular software.

Kodak Alaris Perfect Page automatically applies the optimal image enhancement settings to each scanned document, so users don’t have to. Perfect Page technology is a key contributor to Kodak Alaris’s high OCR accuracy.

KODAK Info Input is a web-based document capture, indexing, data validation, and routing solution. The solution is perfect for facilitating a distributed scanning environment.

KODAK Asset Management Software enables businesses to manage their fleet of Kodak Alaris scanners through a single solution.

Kodak Alaris INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution is a unique combination of hardware (Kodak Alaris INfuse AX scanners) and software (Kodak Alaris INfuse Management Software) that enables MSPs, ISVs, and integrators to deploy a distributed scanning ecosystem alongside their business process solutions. Kodak Alaris INfuse AX scanners offer PC-less scanning and enables workers to kick off workflows with the touch of a button. The device even informs workers if scanned images were properly indexed and routed properly at the point of capture, so workers can catch and address any mistakes right away. Kodak Alaris INfuse AX scanners support Kodak Alaris EasySetup technology, reducing device configuration tasks to scanning a single QR code. ISVs, integrators, and MSPs can set up end users, configure devices, and manage the entire fleets of scanners from Alaris remotely through the Kodak Alaris INfuse Management software.


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