Take The Complexity Out Of Customer Onboarding

With the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem

Customer onboarding should be the first step in a trusted, profitable relationship. But, today, data chaos gets in the way.

  • Handling and transporting paper documents is costly and slow
  • Errors and rework lower productivity, frustrate customers, and delay revenue


Here's how Alaris IN2 Ecosystem information capture solutions take the complexity out of customer onboarding

  • Capturing data from documents at the point of entry gets information into business processes fast and at lower costs
  • Intelligent capture immediately detects data errors so they can be corrected on the spot


Think of getting a bank loan...

Today's process leaves lots of room for delays and errors as documents move from branch offices to back-office loan processing. With Alaris IN2 Ecosystem, information capture happens at the point of contact with the customer so errors are detected early and business processes can run smoothly. 

Kodak Alarlis IN2 Ecosystem

The Branch Office

On-the-spot information capture flags errors so they can be corrected immediately, making a great customer experience.

  • Intelligent Exception Processing catches errors on loan forms so they can be fixed while the customer is there 
  • One touch scanning automatically gets information to the right people and business processes, letting customer service staff focus on the customer
Kodak Alaris IN2 Ecosystem

Data Center

IT benefits from smart scanning features that reduce network load and storage needs without losing information or image quality. 

  • Intelligent scanning creates the best quality image for accurate data capture while creating the smallest possible file size
  • Asynchronous data transfer coordinates sending encrypted images at the right time to avoid clogging the network
Kodak Alarlis IN2 Ecosystem

The Central Office

Back-office staff can be more productive with instant access to accurate loan information, reducing rework and time to revenue.

  • Perfect Page enhances images for accurate information capture
  • Capture solutions from Alaris instantly deliver the right data and documents to the right people and processes
Kodak Alarlis IN2 Ecosystem

Alaris Services

Alaris service keeps solutions up and running at all locations

Alaris IN2 Ecosystem takes the complexity out of customer onboarding, helping you delight customers, save money, and reduce time to revenue. Find out more at www.alarisin2.com


Alaris Information Management products, services and support are available worldwide and sold through resellers. 

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