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Feb 14, 2018

Election processes In Latin America have become more efficient and transparent thanks to the use of scanning solutions from Kodak Alaris

The 2016 presidential elections in Latin American allowed the introduction of a data-scanning process reporting information in a clear and transparent manner.

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Any process of this type entails a high degree of regulation, in addition to being subject to laws that demand transparency without compromising effectiveness and truthfulness. All this becomes even more relevant when looking at the regional context of Latin America, where there are multiple examples of inefficient processes. 

In the case of the presidential elections for this Latin American country (2016), the scanners from Kodak Alaris allowed the introduction of a data-scanning process, specifically resulting in elections where the information was recorded in a clear and responsible manner. 


Objective: Processes for Optimal Image Quality

The initial specifications for this project were to digitize and process the documents denominated as electoral ballots, on A3 size paper printed on both sides. After the Peruvian citizens had cast their votes, the documents also needed to be covered with a plastic film to guarantee their legality.

The problem was to preserve the image quality, since the plastic cover could generate a back-lit background, thus affecting the legibility of the information. The necessary tests were performed with the Kodak Alaris solutions, and once suitable settings for the scanner had been identified the ideal solution for optimum image capture and quality could be presented, simplifying the information capture process. All this was possible thanks to the scanners and the scanning solutions offered by Kodak Alaris. 

Tools That Make All the Difference

Thanks to the 146 i4600 Plus model scanners with Capture Pro Limited Edition software, the scanning process was carried out in a fast, transparent, and precise manner, providing a comprehensive solution. The hardware of the scanner permits the device to accept any size, thickness, or quality of paper.

Also, its rugged design and steel frame guarantee a high level of performance and reliability; in the case of increased volumes, improved features and speed can be easily added. This is the only scanner series of its type that allows updates, making it ideal for processes like these elections, where millions of documents were involved, all requiring a high quality of image. The Perfect Page imaging process offers exceptional scans and images over and over again, even with documents that lack sharpness, thus reducing the need to re-scan or re-process the image.

Thanks to the Kodak Alaris solution involving this powerful, compact, and versatile scanner, the image quality was approved and accepted by key staff of the agency and by the IT accrediting body, so the process could be successfully carried out.


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