Kodak Alaris helps leading hospital streamline process for dispensing medicines

Customer Profile

The client is a prominent tertiary medical centre and teaching hospital in Thailand which provides a range of medical services with interdisciplinary, comprehensive and compassionate care.


The hospital’s objective was to reduce the amount of paperwork generated every time a doctor issued a prescription, as well as the time spent by nursing staff physically collating all of the required information and delivering it to the pharmacy.

The hospital needed a solution that was more efficient and less reliant on staff physically collecting paper-based documents, storing them until all the required information was in one place, before sending to the pharmacy for prescriptions to be dispensed.

The legacy workflow involved nursing staff gathering all of the notes generated from doctors’ rounds and temporarily filing it until all of the required information was in one place, so everything could be sent to the pharmacy at the same time. Patients couldn’t be discharged until their prescriptions were filled, and the lengthy process meant that many experienced long waits before they could return home.


Kodak Alaris provided Kodak ScanMate i1150 Scanners which were deployed in two buildings. The solution also included a bespoke software application.

The Kodak ScanMate i1150 Scanner is compact, quiet, and boasts scanning speeds of 30 pages per minute. Kodak Alaris’ renowned paper transport technology delivers jam-free scanning, while Intelligent Document Protection listens for problems problems and stops scanning instantly to protect and preserve valuable documents.

Smart Touch functionality eliminates complicated multi-step scanning processes with one-touch simplicity, enabling the hospital staff to scan individual documents to a file location or common cloud service.


Scanners from Kodak Alaris are easy to use, meaning the staff could be up and running in no time without having to spend time training. With Smart Touch Technology staff can now scan and send all documents to the pharmacy with one-button ease.

The nurses use Smart Touch Technology to classify documents, there are up to ten categories each of which utilises its own Smart Touch function, the images are then uploaded to the software, which works seamlessly with scanners from Kodak Alaris, and delivers the information to the correct workflow.

The entire process is now much more efficient. With Smart Touch Technology enabling up to twenty different functions to be configured, staff simply press one button to quickly perform common scanning tasks.

Removing the requirement for documents to be physically delivered has enabled the pharmacy to dispense medicines much faster and reduced the time patients are left in the waiting room. Nursing staff no longer spend time collecting, checking and sorting piles of paperwork to be delivered to the pharmacy, instead all information is processed and input into the correct line of business application in real-time. The hospital group estimates a time saving of between two to three hours per day, time which is now spent on patient care.

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