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Intelligent and flexible capture technology that grows with your business

In this digital era, paper-centric departments and processes waste time and money. Whether you're scanning a hundred or a hundred thousand pages, there are too many manual tasks. Data entry, naming and filing scanned images, and a litany of data checks all burn through costly manpower.

Eliminate these expensive manual tasks with Kodak Capture Pro Software.

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Automatically turn volumes of scanned data into information that's ready to use. Your business processes will be faster, more accurate, and more cost effective.

Affordable automation that puts your data to work

Scanners capture images of data locked in paper documents, and Kodak Capture Pro Software unlocks that data and puts it to work for you. Capture Pro automatically recognizes, extracts, and indexes scanned image data for use across multiple downstream processes. Accelerate your business performance with Capture Pro, and automatically deliver mission-critical information across your organization.

Get enterprise-level automation that scales with you.

For departments that handle paper every day, Capture Pro is easy to use and easy to afford. Regardless of your size, Capture Pro quickly transforms the data in your documents into digital information that goes to work for you. Eliminate repetitive manual work and achieve enterprise-level automation today.


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