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Limited Warranty for Kodak Scanners

Kodak Alaris provides the following Limited Warranty on Kodak Scanners (excluding spare parts and consumables) distributed by Kodak Alaris or through Kodak Alaris" authorized distribution channels: 

Kodak Alaris warrants that a Kodak Scanner, from the time of sale through the Limited Warranty period applicable to the Product, will be free of defects in materials or workmanship and will conform to the performance specifications applicable for the particular Kodak Scanner.


All Kodak Scanners are subject to the Warranty Exclusions described below. A Kodak Scanner found to be defective or which does not conform to the product specifications will be repaired or replaced with new or refurbished product at Kodak’s option. Purchasers may determine the applicable Limited Warranty period for the Kodak Scanners purchased by calling (800) 822-1414, or by visiting or by reviewing the Limited Warranty Summary Card enclosed with the Kodak Scanner.


Proof of purchase is required to demonstrate eligibility for warranty service.


Warranty Exclusions

Kodak Alaris" Limited Warranty does not apply to a Kodak Scanner that has been subjected to physical damage after purchase, caused, for example, by casualty, accident, acts of God or transportation, including:

(a) by a failure to properly package and ship the Scanner back to Kodak Alaris for warranty service in accordance with Kodak Alaris’ then current Packaging and Shipping Guidelines, including failure to replace the shipping restraint prior to shipping, or by a failure to remove the shipping restraint prior to use; 

(b) resulting from the user’s installation, system integration, programming, re-installation of user operating systems or applications software, systems engineering, relocation, reconstruction of data, or removal of the product or any component (including breakage of a connector, cover, glass, pins, or seal); 

(c) from service, modification or repair not performed by Kodak or a service provider authorized by Kodak or by tampering, use of counterfeit or other non-Kodak components, assemblies, accessories, or modules; 

(d) by misuse, unreasonable handling or maintenance, mistreatment, operator error, failure to provide proper supervision or maintenance, including use of cleaning products or other accessories not approved by Kodak or use in contravention of recommended procedures or specifications; 

(e) by environmental conditions (such as excessive heat or other unsuitable physical operating environment), corrosion, staining, electrical work external to the product or failure to provide electro-static discharge (ESD) protection; 

(f) by failure to install firmware updates or releases available for the product;

(g) by such other supplemental exclusions published from time to time online at or by calling (800) 822-1414.


Kodak provides no Limited Warranty for products purchased from countries other than the United States. Purchasers of products from foreign distribution channels must seek warranty coverage, if any, through the original source of purchase.

Kodak provides no Limited Warranty for products that are purchased as part of a third party manufacturer’s product, computer system or other electronic device.


Any warranty for these products is provided by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) as part of that manufacturer’s product or system.


The replacement product assumes the remainder of the Limited Warranty period applicable to the defective product or thirty (30) days, whichever is longer.


For more information see the User Guide for your product.