ImagR Plus Microfilm Camera

You can easily and confidently film your most important documents.

The ImagR Plus easily handles large document volumes, giving you 500 check-size documents per minute.

Say goodbye to constant overlaps, wrinkles, and jams. You can even film thick, multipart, and damaged documents. Maintenance is simple, and it has an automatic self-diagnostics system.

Like financial institutions around the country, you can rely on this camera to handle your critical paperwork with speed and accuracy.

The industry's fastest feeder: Productivity is unsurpassed largely because the document transport is only nine inches long. This shrinks the risk of overlaps, wrinkles, and jams. Other microfilm cameras can't compete -- nine inches is less than half the length of any other transport on the market.

We've also made the feeder even more convenient. A new self-aligning interlacing feeder automatically speeds throughput without requiring extra attention. Plus, motorized accessories continuously feed documents and stack them in sequence.

The flexible solution: Because your documents can vary in size, shape, and weight, the camera's feeder control knob adjusts its rollers to each document. And a new manual override lever films thick, multipart, and even damaged documents quickly and easily.

Removable film cassettes support multiple applications, hassle-free. For example, checks can be filmed on one cassette, and other document types on another.

An optional endorser means documents can be imprinted in any of the imprint areas that meet all U.S. Reg. CC and international requirements.

Simple maintenance: Easy maintenance is a "given" with the ImagR Plus. The camera's easy-to-lift cover gives you clear access to the entire transport system. Conducting routine maintenance is simple and quick.

The camera accommodates standard open spool microfilm. It easily snaps in and out of the upfront camera head, simplifying film changes and overnight film removal for safe storage.

Full support: The ImagR Plus is backed by Kodak's commitment to total customer service. Our dedicated national sales and service network is only a toll-free phone call away: 888-247-1234.