Data capture and automation for everyone, everywhere

with Kodak Info Input Solution

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Solve distributed data challenges across your enterprise

Each day throughout your organization, people use different devices and applications to capture business-critical data. Now you can connect them all seamlessly with Kodak Info Input Solution.

Info Input is like a conductor, directing your data from various sources across the enterprise. Automatically capture, extract, and deliver information to drive business results. Easily connect people to documents, documents to processes, and processes to systems.

Info Input software from Kodak Alaris

Automatically transform data from a variety of devices into business-ready information that goes to work for you.

An automated workplace starts with Info Input

Info Input requires just a single instance in a single location, giving all users access to consistent automated processes through an intuitive web-based interface, with no need for workarounds.

Info Input greatly reduces your IT workload and shortens maintenance time with central administration of all users. You can address compliance and data privacy with automatic business rules anywhere documents are captured.

Extend your capture and automation to the edge of your enterprise

Wherever your business needs to capture data, Info Input can be there. Learn how to connect people, documents, processes, and systems across the enterprise—all while simplifying life for IT and adhering to compliance and data privacy regulations.


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BLI Scanner Line of the Year 2021

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