Kodak Alaris' i3000 and i4000 Series Scanners Win Better Buys for Business Editor's Choice Award

Versatile scanners enable users to accelerate information processing and automate business workflows

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Kodak Alaris announced today that it has won the Better Buys for Business (BBB) Editor's Choice Award for the KODAK i3000 and i4000 Series Scanners. The award-winning line of scanners delivers outstanding speed and image processing, improving the way information is captured, extracted and managed, enabling organizations to maintain compliance and enhance customer experiences.

Each year, BBB independently evaluates new office solutions for performance and value in a number of categories, awarding the top products with the Editor's Choice Award. For the second consecutive year, BBB has named the latest Kodak Alaris scanners as winners, citing their generous document feeders, Perfect Page functionality for enhanced image quality, Intelligent Document Protection feature to defend against damaged documents and lost data, robust duty cycles, and one-touch workflows as powerful differentiators.

"Kodak Alaris continues to demonstrate a deep understanding of the needs of the market," noted Melissa Pardo-Bunte, editor for Better Buys for Business. "The i3000 and i4000 Series Scanners provide users with the ability to configure solutions that align perfectly with the specific application being addressed. The latest features deliver the highest level of performance and value for a number of industries including healthcare, insurance, finance, telecom and education."

Government agencies are also reaping the benefits of deploying these scanners. For example, a state motor vehicle bureau is using a fleet of i4600 and i3400 Scanners as part of an integrated solution that captures, stores and manages the data associated with over 1.4 million motor vehicles, including driving histories for more than 900,000 licensed motor vehicle operators. Retrieving documents for customers used to take at least a week. Now the same task can be performed almost instantly. At the heart of the solution are Kodak Alaris scanners, which are easy to use, require minimal training and allow employees to deliver faster turnaround times, which leads to a better customer experience.

In assessing the new family of scanners, the panel from BBB noted that "Kodak Alaris has consistently provided scanners with outstanding features, and the models in the i3000 Series are no exception. Their strong speed, 250-sheet feeder, bundled software, and Kodak Alaris' new Intelligent Document Protection feature makes these scanners great buys for an office with a lot of scanning needs."

KODAK i3000 Series Scanners (www.kodakalaris.com/go/i3000news) are purpose-built to deliver consistent throughput and minimize downtime, boasting impressive imaging functionality for on boarding of information. Designed specifically for general office desktop scanning applications where speed, image quality and versatility are required, the newest models of KODAK i3000 Series Scanners provide both rotary and flatbed scanning in a single, compact integrated unit. The i3000 Series Scanners are ideal for organizations that deploy scanners for information capture within line-of-business departments, including:

  • Finance (for invoices, statements and accounts payable / accounts receivable)
  • Operations (for orders, bills, customer correspondence and CRM)
  • Sales (for fulfillment, inventory, packing lists, ERP)
  • Any department or branch office that has daily volumes and time constraints that require higher productivity than desktop scanners.

KODAK i4000 Series Scanners (www.kodakalaris.com/go/i4000news) are designed for fast data extraction and maximum efficiency, featuring easy integration into any IT environment, Perfect Page technology for consistent image quality, and a low total cost of ownership. For small to medium sized businesses with low volume production scanning needs, the i4000 Series combines best in class scanning architecture with Kodak Alaris' world-class image processing technology and application software, to deliver a complete capture automation solution. Utilizing hardware and software enhancements to handle image processing while minimizing operator involvement, the devices improve staff productivity and efficiency. The BBB panel commented on the scanners, noting, "These models come bundled with Kodak Alaris' Smart Touch functionality, so you can create nine one-button workflows that are available from the operator control panel. In addition to excellent speed and flexible paper handling, they offer the usual strong Kodak Alaris imaging features."

"Customer response to the i3000 and i4000 Scanner Series has been overwhelmingly positive, and having an independent organization such as BBB recognize our efforts with this award further validates that we are addressing the needs of our customers and developing the solutions that they need to be successful," said Dolores Kruchten, President, Kodak Alaris' Document Imaging division. "Information is king, and we are committed to enabling our customers to capture it and manage it in ways that transform the industry."

For the complete product reviews, please visit www.betterbuys.com/kodak-i3000-scanner-series and www.betterbuys.com/kodak-i4000-plus-scanners.

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