Top-Tier Insurance Firm Deploys Digital Document Process to Claim Huge Productivity Gains for 20,000 Agents

Binary Code and Laptops

A top U.S. insurance company with more than $20 million in premiums written per year was struggling with a labor-intensive document management process. It involved field agents across the country photocopying change in policy documents and claim forms every day and sending them via overnight mail to the home office. Working with the insurance company, Kodak Alaris developed a plan to supply each field agent with a Kodak i2600 Series Scanner which feeds into a software application driver, allowing the scanners at distributed locations to integrate with systems in the central office for fast digital delivery of documents.

Replacing an antiquated, paper-based system

As one of the country’s leading insurers, the company has a large customer base. Its more than 20,000 field agents spend their days serving these clients but also prospecting for new business. An agent’s workload tends to be very heavy.

Under the old system for reporting the day’s transactions, agents had to finalize as much paperwork as possible late in the day while leaving enough time to package the materials and race off to an overnight mail service prior to the last pickup. Often they would then return to the office to continue working. The process stood as a time-consuming interruption in the midst of a fast-paced day. What’s more, it came with the risk of lost or misdirected packages and the subsequent time and effort to track them down.

With the i2600 Series Scanners, which have a scanning capacity of more than 60 pages per minutes and up to 7,000 pages per day, agents can now quickly scan paperwork and send it to the home office for processing at any time. The removal of the late-day shipping interruption has led to increased productivity. The new digital process also eliminates packaging and shipping costs, as well as the risk of lost documents.

Increased portability for insurance adjusters

The insurance company also purchased over 3,000 USB-powered Kodak ScanMate i940 Scanners. These compact, cloud-connected scanners digitize files so they can easily be sent to the home office, much like the i2600 Series Scanners do, while providing a more on-the-go solution.

“This is a wonderful partnership with a forward-thinking customer,” said Martin Birch, Regional Business Director, United States and Canada, Kodak Alaris Information Management. “It’s a great example of how the right technology can turn an inefficient manual process into a highly effective digital one.”

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