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Elimine la complejidad de las cuentas por pagar

Kodak Alaris IN2 Ecosystem

Cuentas por pagar | Infografía
La automatización del itinerario y las aprobaciones del procesamiento de las cuentas por pagar cobran un impulso con Alaris IN2 Ecosystem.

Automating Accounts Payable

Healthworld document management

Accounts Payable | Case Study
Healthworld, a leading supplier of Natural Medicines, began looking in 2015 for a solution to scan documents and integrate with SharePoint.

Point-of-Entry Document Capture

Huws Gray document capture at the point of entry

Accounts Payable | Case Study
Building materials merchant Huws Gray used Capture Pro and the i2000 document scanner series to optimize efficiency and make its customers more satisfied.

Optimice las cuentas por pagar hoy mismo

Accounts Payable | Article
The complications that slow down efficiency for Accounts Payable are often caused by a reliance on legacy systems and paper-based processes. Uncover 5 steps to improved efficiency in your workflows.