/ Video Information Capture: Cornerstone of Digital Transformation

In this video, IDC's Holly Muscolino describes optimizing information capture to improve document-centric workflows

Organizations today face a number of challenges associated with managing both structured and unstructured data. Many of these challenges are a symptom of inefficient, disconnected, manual document workflows. Research from IDC uncovers that the majority of these workflows are paper-based, making the problem of information management even more difficult. Watch the video below, hosted by Holly Muscolino, Research Vice President, Content Technologies and Document Workflow, IDC, to discover the benefits of an optimized information capture process.

This video was created as a part of an IDC Study, sponsored by Kodak Alaris, called “Information Capture: Cornerstone of Digital Transformation”. The researched looked at how the latest information capture technologies are improving document-centric workflows, and accelerating digital transformation efforts in organizations.

  • Organizations are losing resources to document storage costs, time wasted to manual steps, recreating missing documents and correcting errors.
  • Digitizing, automating and optimizing document workflows can lead to, on average, a 35% reduction in costs, 42% reduction in paper documents, and 52% reduction in errors.
  • Information capture is a key component to the document automation ecosystem, as the onboarding method to transform paper-based content to digital. Capture can also process digital document and other business content, optical character recognition (OCR), automatic indexing and classification, and intelligent data extraction.

Download the full white paper, and learn about technologies and work practices at the forefront of the category: “Information Capture: Cornerstone of Digital Transformation”


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