Take The Complexity Out Of Forms Processing

With the Kodak Alaris IN2 Ecosystem

Every form is the beginning of a business process-one that should run as quickly and efficiently as possible. But data chaos can cause delays and inefficiencies. 

  • Handling and transporting paper documents is costly and slow
  • Errors and rework lower productivity, frustrate customers, and delay service
  • Capturing data from documents as soon as they're submitted gets information into business processes fast and at lower costs
  • Intelligent capture immediately detects data errors so they can be corrected on the spot

Think of handling an insurance claim...

Today's process is time-consuming-gathering claim information from the customer, along with supporting documents like photos and estimates- and there's a lot of room for errors. With the Kodak Alaris IN2 Ecosystem, information capture happens wherever it's needed, and information is instantly and securely routed to where it's needed next. 

Kodak Alarlis IN2 Ecosystem

The Insurance Agency

On-the-spot information capture means no re-entering accident information; fast claim processing makes a great customer experience

  • Web-based capture with one-touch scanning lets branch office staff capture and send claim information to claims processing
  • OCR/OMR extract data from the customer's completed paper claim form, so no re-keying is needed
  • Intelligent Exception Processing catches errors on claim forms so they can be fixed while the customer is there
Kodak Alarlis IN2 Ecosystem

On Location

The agent saves time by attaching damage photos to claim forms on their smartphone and sending instantly to claims processing

  • Mobile solutions from Kodak Alaris allow a smart device to attach images to captured information and associate them with the right records
Kodak Alarlis IN2 Ecosystem

Central Office

Back-office staff can be more productive with instant access to accurate claim information, reducing rework and building customer loyalty

  • Perfect Page enhances images for accurate information capture
  • Capture Pro software instantly delivers the right data and documents to the right people and processes
Kodak Alarlis IN2 Ecosystem

Services from Kodak Alaris

Services from Kodak Alaris keeps solutions up and running at all locations

Kodak Alaris IN2 Ecosystem takes the complexity out of forms processing, saving you time and money while building a stronger relationship with your customers. Find out more at https://www.alarisworld.com/ecosystem


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