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Meeting the accounts payable challenge

Delays and errors in your accounts payable process can damage business relationships and distort your financial picture, leading to bad business decisions. Solutions from Kodak Alaris can turn your accounts payable process into a strategic asset, rapidly and accurately capturing information to support cash flow management, expedite payments to key business partners to meet discount deadlines, and streamlining back-office workflow.

How Kodak Alaris turns accounts payable into an insight

Real-time visibility into expenditures and credits takes the guesswork out of financial decision-making and helps expose cash-flow problems or even irregularities such as fraud. Read below to see how Kodak Alaris streamlines and transforms the accounts payable workflow, accurately and quickly accelerating financial information from documents into processes while lowering processing costs.  

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How to Handle Business Taxes Remotely

Tax Forms and a cup of coffee

Remote tax filing can be easy if you have a way to share important documents with your tax preparer.

Guide to Optical Character Recognition

Kodak Alaris Optical Character Recognition

Learn what OCR is, how it works, and why it’s so essential to our personal and professional lives.

Why Kodak Alaris for Information Capture

Kodak Alaris

When organizations extend their digital transformation journey by moving from manual processes and adding capture software and process automation, they can deliver a variety of benefits that positively impact their performance and profitability. Kodak Alaris is the ideal partner as we offer the best technology for every phase of the capture journey.

Paper Waste Reduction Tips for Your Office

Kodak Alaris Paper Waste

From finding paper alternatives to sending email memos and everything in between, here’s how to reduce paper waste in your office.

Paperless Pharmacy Processes and Their Benefits

Kodak Alaris Paperless Pharmacy

Promote patient health and safety by taking your pharmacy paperless.

Guide to Creating a Paperless Accounting Firm

Calculator - creating paperless accounting firm

Take your accounting firm paperless with these tips.