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Meeting the customer onboarding challenge

Slow or inaccurate onboarding processes can get customer relationships off to a rocky start, lowering customer satisfaction and impacting future business. Solutions from Kodak Alaris get customer information into business processes quickly and accurately, so your team can respond fast and impress customers right from the start.

How Kodak Alaris transforms customer onboarding

Customers today expect onboarding that is smooth, easy, and accessible wherever they are. Discover below how superior scanning and information capture software enables you to improve onboarding in a highly efficient and customer-friendly way at every point of customer contact and across all your customer-facing processes.

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Efficiently Check ID with Passport Scanning

Alaris Passport Scanning

Passport scanners securely capture proof of ID, without weighing down the customer experience. 

Guide to Going Paperless

Kodak Alaris Go Paperless

The value of transitioning your enterprise into a digital world and how to do so

4 suggerimenti per un processo più rapido di fidelizzazione dei clienti

Customer Onboarding | Article
Customer onboarding is a critical first stage in customer experience. Quick tips for a lasting first impression.