Continuous improvement for scan service bureaus and BPOs

Document capture represents a large part of your core business as organizations outsource the digitization aspects of document-intensive processes and paper is anything but gone. 

Digital transformation starts with digitization and for years you have been on a journey to improve your paper capture workflows and the capabilities needed to serve your clients as their demands, the market and technologies have evolved.

Our job has always been to offer you the right solutions and continuously innovate and improve to help you on that journey. With our highly individual consultative approach we've become leaders in production capture and our IN2 Ecosystem is designed to make you thrive.

Reliability, speed and efficiency are core in our offering. The layers of intelligent features and automation capabilities across our portfolio are essential in making you strengthen your core business, drive top line growth and evolve. Regardless of the services you offer, optimizing and streamlining your business is essential to offer the new services clients seek.

With leading technologies, we help you drive efficiencies, save processing costs, deliver a better customer experience, meet service-level agreements (SLAs) in the most demanding projects and get ready for your journey of growth.

On that journey of growth, you can tackle various challenges affecting you and your customers:

  • Increased competition, ongoing cost pressure, changing customer needs, new technologies, stricter regulations and the need for speed with better aligned, faster processes drive the digital transformation agenda.
  • Document capture has evolved into information capture with clients wanting to add digital inputs to their documents.
  • Companies also want help with their ongoing efforts to automate, streamline their own processes and get rid of time-consuming tasks that keep them from focusing on their business.

All these evolutions enable you to expand your core business and develop new services, taking a bigger piece of the business processes of your customers, moving beyond the 'input' side. You know how you want to grow your offerings, become more of a consultant to your customers and move higher on the value chain by taking on business process outsourcing projects instead of just document capture. Whatever your strategic choices you make, where you are today, where you want to go and how you want to create more value, gain new projects and increase your margins: let's look at how you can gradually get there and continue your continuous improvement journey in times of disruption.

  • We help you look at your current situation and infrastructure to improve it.
  • We show you the productivity gains you can make when you need to expand your capacity.
  • We help you select various paths of optimization, cost savings, higher value and the capacities to move where value is highest.
  • We help you add the levels of automation and intelligence, so you can enhance your core business while gradually transforming and adding new services and business opportunities.

Our continuous improvement model, based upon our long experience in working with businesses like yours, shows you the different optimization scenarios.

  • Let's see how we can optimize your infrastructure today, regardless of how much you already optimized.
  • Try our smart connected mailroom calculator, based upon our improvement model, in case you want to see how you can optimize your mailroom operations or even want to start offering mailroom processes.
  • Take the next step in your optimization journey and discover how you can become an automated future-proof outsourcer for your customers.

Optimize and make the right investment decisions when you need to expand capacity. Our model shows you the productivity gains for each investment scenario, depending on your attitudes and desires.

Many service bureaus and BPOs have added more equipment as they took on new projects.

  • Are you in that situation and feel that with your current infrastructure it's hard to onboard new jobs?
  • Is it hard or impossible to centrally manage the different solutions and systems you have in place?
  • Is it difficult to take on new projects and respond to more advanced and higher-value request with your equipment?

Let's sit together and see how we can optimize your equipment and create opportunities for growth and value.



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