Top Myths About Intelligent Document Capture

Top Myths About Intelligent Document Capture

You’ve likely heard the buzzword “intelligent document capture,” but if you’re not actually experiencing its benefits first-hand, chances are that what you’ve assumed to be true may be less than accurate. While intelligent document capture software has been advancing steadily over the last decade, businesses' understanding of it hasn’t necessarily kept up.

This article walks you through the six biggest myths surrounding intelligent document capture so that you can make an informed decision based on the real value that this software provides.

1. Desktop Scanning Is Sufficient for Digitizing
Many businesses think that digitizing and archiving their paper via desktop scanning is enough, but if you never advance past just taking a picture of the document, your organization won’t begin to realize the cost savings and improved productivity and efficiency possible with document capture.

Intelligent document capture solutions do more than just digitize a document. They turn documents into information you can use, and enable organizations to capture documents from any location, connect that information to their business systems automatically, and scale these crucial processes as needed.

While these capabilities may not be necessary for small organizations needing to carry out straightforward back-filing, chances are that your business could benefit from more advanced automation, widespread connectivity, and distributed capture.

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2. Intelligent Document Capture Is Too Expensive
Enterprise-grade document capture solutions used to be costly to implement, but they’ve become far simpler and more affordable to deploy. Many intelligent document capture solutions even come in different versions and pricing models to meet each company's budget and needs.

For example, Kodak Alaris offers both KODAK Capture Pro Software and KODAK Info Input Solution as one-year subscriptions. This subscription model allows businesses to pay as they go and:

  • Align spending with software usage.
  • Scale up or down based on business needs.
  • Access the latest software version.
  • Improve cash flow by eliminating large upfront investments.


But regardless of the cost of intelligent document capture, organizations should also keep in mind that return on investment (ROI) is often more telling than the initial price tag alone. The ROI for document capture is often significant, potentially as much as several times the purchase price.

In a case like this, what might feel like a large expense can be easily justifiable.

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3. Intelligent Document Capture Is Too Difficult to Manage
Intelligent document capture solutions used to connect complex enterprise content management (ECM) systems, requiring large scale integrations, comprehensive user training and extensive IT support. This is no longer the case — intelligent document capture software is now much less complicated to use and easier to manage.

Services from Kodak Alaris include managed capture services as well as software assurance and scanner management solutions to make it easy for you to deploy and manage intelligent document capture and get the most out of your investment.

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4. My Business Isn’t Big Enough to Need Intelligent Document Capture
Many organizations assume that they aren’t big enough, don’t have sufficiently complicated workflows, or don’t scan enough paper to require intelligent document capture. While the benefits of intelligent document capture may be more obvious for large companies with hundreds or thousands of users, organizations of any size or scale can benefit.

In fact, determining whether your organization requires intelligent document capture has less to do with size and complexity, and more to do with where you’re at in your progress toward digital maturity — and few organizations have no progress left to be made.

Whether you’re using document capture for opening new accounts, claims processing, taxes, bank transactions, criminal case records, or anything else, your organization will benefit from streamlined processes that get important information to the right people as quickly as possible.

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5. Intelligent Document Capture Isn’t Scalable
Document capture pricing was originally based on scanning volumes and was cost-prohibitive for many small and medium sized businesses.

Fortunately, this pricing model is no longer common, allowing organizations of any size to easily and affordably scale document capture as they continue to examine workflows and discover additional needs. Subscription-based models like those that Kodak Alaris offers make it especially easy to scale up or down when business needs change. 

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6. You Can’t Deliver Capture Via the Cloud
Another myth about document capture that used to be true but no longer is: that intelligent document capture has to be delivered through on-premise solutions.

Modern intelligent document capture software can be delivered using cloud-capable, scalable architecture. Your company’s data can be stored off-site in a secure data center, minimizing hardware support and costs at your office locations and enabling support from your IT team.

Cloud-based document capture models also ensure the safety of your company’s information in the case of a natural disaster — a crucial aspect of any business continuity plan.

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The best time to invest in an intelligent document capture solution is always now.

KODAK Capture Pro Software comes in four different versions to meet your business where it’s at, all of which help you quickly convert paper into high-quality images for more streamlined and accurate workflows. KODAK Info Input Solution, a web-based document capture solution, enables more efficient capture and access to information from any location. And the INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution from Kodak Alaris is a new, secure, advanced solution that allows for capture directly into a business process.

Whichever software option you choose, Kodak Alaris will be here to help with software assurance, technical assistance, and support center. Contact us today to get your questions answered, and then browse our partners to learn where to buy software from Kodak Alaris in your area.


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